Light Language Healings, Clearings
Dna Spiritual Upgrades

AI Bot Clearing

AI Bot & Dark Entity Clearing. Includes Golden Christed Flame clearing, Higher Timeline jumps and Sophianic Angels Gifts

Dissolving Black Magic

Clearing your Multidimensional Fields of Dark Magic… 

Anubis Dark Clearing for You...

 Anubian Darkness Clearing 

ANUBIS is the most NEFARIOUS TRICKSTER I have experienced in my Shamanic Practice! Which is why I created this clearing for you…

Closing Dark Portals

In this video I close Dark Portals, etc in your Multidimensional Layers. I utilize the Blue Lotus Flower Smoke!!! Amazing Medicine.


Chakra Healing

Chakra Rebalance, Upgrades & Gifts with the Archangel Collective, etc…


Sacred Clearing

* Sacred Sexual Clearing

* Throat Chakra Clearing

* 3rd Eye Crystal

Heart Block Clearing

Mary Magdalene Gifts

Abundance Activation

High Tech meets Quantum Healing

*Meditative Calming/Healing

*PTSD Multidimensional Release


Vagus nerve Stimulation
with High Tech

*Meditative Calming Video with a USDA Approved Stimutalor

I bring you vagus nerve somatic support with my spiritual gifts

Addictions Healing & Sharing

FREE ADDICTION HEALING offering for you @ TIMESTAMP 30:15.  This is surrounding all things you may have addictions with… Republished from my Radio Show!

Dragon Healing Gifts

Soul Readings Live

This was a Facebook Live where I did 35 Soul Readings & Healings. This showcases on a small scale my spiritual gifts & healing abilities. (Note: I am no longer on social media channels)