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Tracey brings her Quantum Alchemy gifts to the forefront in all her work. She is fully embodied into her immense gifts. She has access to retrieve your gifts from the multiverse & integrate them in your fields so you have access to them. If you have your own healing services, Tracey can expand your gifts to higher levels you never thought possible. She has been a Celestial Shaman & White Wizard plus she embodies the Divine Mother God and Sophia Essence… She has guided many clients into their Akashic Records, exposing the trauma from other lifetimes (organic/non-organic, this planet & throughout the universe), held in the bodies energetic fields, bringing them to the surface to heal… through this process she has supported many to clear their present reality of serious issues affecting their life. 

Much of the trauma we think that is due to this lifetime IS IN FACT from other alternate lifetimes… This is soul fracturing. This exists regardless of your religious beliefs & denying it prevents your soul’s growth.

By clearing & healing other lifetimes/soul fracturing, with the support of a qualified practitioner, this will help you move forward in your life & release you from the energy holding you back from living your present life to its fullest. This furthers your soul evolution & growth. This is the most important soul work you can do on yourself.  The more engaged you are on your healing ascension pathway, the greater the likelihood you will attract your divine counterpart into your life.

   There are negative polarity aspects that do not want you to heal these alternate lifetimes & will place all kinds of blocks for you getting this work done. Do not succumb to the doubts & negativity-be fearless in the pursuit of your healing.  It is worth every penny for your future happiness & peace.

Tracey is gifted in many areas! In her past client sessions she has removed difficult soul possessions, processed/healed traumas of worlds & galaxies, brought forward loved ones who have passed (working through her), haunted home/building clearings, genetic line clearings, contract removals, personal coaching, soul mission guidance, crystal divination, totems, clearing dark energy attachments & oracle card readings.

All her services are very gentle and you are lovingly held by the Divine. Her work is centered around the Pure & True Organic Ascension with her entourage of Light Beings who support her.  ALL of which have a shared goal & contract to assist humanity evolve on Earth through this ascension cycle & restore the balance of energy back to Gaia in her time of need…

She holds Pure Organic Divine Mother ~ Father God Embodiment, Avalon Coding, Maji Grail Queen Coding, Mary Magdalene Essence, High Sirian/Arcturian Elder Codes, Highest Christos/Sophia Templating, the Christos Templar Essene Functioning, Hieros Gamos Master Keyholder, Intellectual Advisor of the Ages, Emerald Order Guardian Codes & Blue Diamond Rainbow Dragon Keys & Codes. Plus new Sophia Source Codes…  She lives her personal life in accordance to Law of One with Integrity, following her Divine Guidance.

She welcomes donations to this site as she has struggled much bringing in her immense gifts with her chronic health issues.

Blessings & Love

Some of Tracey's Past Work:

ALL Clearing of Non-Organic Timelines in one Session with an all new process. Processing Hidden Traumas, Activating Mission Templates, Hieros Gamos Upgrades, DNA Upgrades, Bringing in Long Awaited for Star Families, Ascension Pathcutting, Partial Implant/Entity removal, Dark Magic Removal, Sacred Sexual Healing, Genetic Paternal/Maternal Lines Clearing, Childhood, Youth & Adult Trauma Clearing from this Incarnation & Quantum Relationships Entanglement Dissolving through all time.

 She has brought in expansive Spiritual GIFTS her clients have been missing- shown as beautiful Treasure boxes of many colors with innumerable blessings poured into their fields(key codes, jewels & fire letters).  Activation of other Lineages (Faery, Dragon, Lyra, Andromeda, etc).  She assigned new teams of light if clients had outgrown their current team. 


She has dissolved lower dimensional cords & quantum entanglements to Divine Counterparts that were removed from my clients because they could not honor their soul contract with their beloved (not doing the work). I reassigned new souls into the human avatars of old divine counterparts or past karmic partners… thus freeing energy up (de-tanglement). There are many souls waiting,  who want to experience the Ascension at this time, so these souls were Transposed for those whose contracts had ended or are null & void. 

    I was able to bring in Activations/Healings to start clients on their path to be Galactic/Celestial Shamans, Medicine Woman, Warriors &/or Cosmic White Wizards.  She upgraded her clients Akashic Records bringing in very specific Crystalline essences with the energy of Flowers, Totem Guides & Starlights.  This changed the entire energy of the Akashic Records/DNA to be in Alignment with her clients specific blueprint. 

Removal of Reiki Attunements

Many do not know that…The Reiki Attunements source the healing energy from the Astral Realms & NOT your God Source Self. She can see the attunements & Astral connections. When these are removed… You can then source your own Natural Divine Healing Gifts & not a hijacked system. She has dismantled these attunements in prior clients. She does honor this pathway however & it has supported the healing of many