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Demystifying the Akashic Records…
From an Energetic Standpoint they represent the sacred wisdom and knowledge your soul has acquired through the sum total of earthy, universal and galactic lifetimes. They contain your sacred keys, wisdom ~ knowledge codes acquired through lifetimes of...
Client Quantum Session Transcripts Part Two
Published Spiritual Client Session Transcripts to give you an idea of the deep work I do as a Master Quantum Alchemist
final anubis for post
The most NEFARIOUS TRICKSTER I have experienced in my Master Quantum Session work & as an Akashic Record Master! Many do not know how far his deceptions span!
The Dark Truth about Reiki
Reiki is the lowest form of healing on the planet. It sources from the astral realms bringing in other unwanted energies into the clients fields. It’s important to set the intention to work with our own Divine Healer, Your Godself. I remove the Reiki...
12d shield
12 D Shield Technique for Creating Sacred Space
This 12D shield will strengthen & grow your light body. It will also support you if you are a healer & utilize many different modalities. It is part of your organic lightbody & connects with your Christos avatar soul template.
Heart Twinning ~ Watercolor Art imbued with the Divine
This watercolor painting represents the alchemical merge with the beloved in the ethers in preparation to bring in a physical divine union. It has divine union codes imbedded into it to support the union with your beloved. Blessings Tracey
Pulling Yourself out of Deep Darkness by Utilizing Simple Practices
Many of us on the Awakening Path go through intense periods of darkness, even dark nights of the soul in which we lose our way, feel lost or just cannot pull ourselves out a dense time in our lives. We may experience unexplained illness. I have utilized...
commanding your sleep text
Commanding Your Sleep
During our sleep states we are at great risk for being manipulated, taken advantage of & implanted. There are dark forces that dont want us to ascend & step into our Divine Gifts. It’s important to take back your Sovereignty!
core soul protection with text
Core Soul Protection Procedure
This Core Soul Protection Procedure is for you reclaiming your God Sovereignty. It is very effective in clearing your home, business and person from anything dark that is unseen.
opening channels with client
Client Session Transcripts Part One
I, Tracey Stevens, am publishing a few quantum client sessions for those who are not familiar with the type of spiritual work I do. You can feel into the deep healing that takes place in my sacred session work through reading these published sessions 
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Heart Declaration for you…
Divine Declaration for Starseeds: I stand before God naked with my Brilliant Crystalline Heart exposed for all to see the True Divinity within... Love Tracey
The Return of the Christ, A Simplified Explanation…
The Savior Concept isn't how it appears. Find out the truth from an Enlightened Standpoint... Love Tracey