Master Quantum Alchemy Sessions

Tracey Stevens is an embodied Master Quantum Alchemist. She can Fast Track your Progress through these Sessions… She brings back your spiritual gifts from the Multiverse as she has embodied the keys to access all realms. She will bring in many upgrades and downloads that you have been missing or which source gifts through her. If you are a healer and are looking to upgrade your practice – This Session is for YOU!!!

 These Remote Quantum Sessions are ALWAYS Divinely Guided using my Unique Soul’s Signature. Multiple healing/clearings happen in session at the same time, so much so, I am unable to describe all I do for you This truly is Quantum Healing Work. I have Embodied my Higher Channels (Christos Sophia Avatar) in the Ethers for this Sacred Honoring Work. I connect with your Oversoul, Organic Teams of Light, Angels and Guides for your Highest Templating & Healing. I hold the Master Keys to access ALL layers of your Akashic Records from this Earthy Incarnation & beyond to all Universal Realms. 

I also have an Entourage of the Highest Light Teams & Councils which are my Flagship & Support in these Divine Sessions! I am so honored for their support in all I do!

These Sessions are Sealed Out prior to Beginning & the Intention is set to ONLY bring in that which is concerned with the Pure & True Organic Ascension including Messages & Supportive Healing for You. I also can offer Guidance based on my Wisdom & Experience at the End of Session. 

I often Bring in Star Families that were previously unable to connect with you & can Connect you with your Mother God/Father God aspects to seat fully within you… I can Activate your Galactic Shamanship, White Wizardry, Medicine Woman/Man Path, Warrior of Light path Plus bring in Missing Spiritual Gifts if you are Ready to Receive… Meaning, You have been Doing your Work but are NOT seeing Improvements or Forward Progress. Plus I Clear & Heal Multiple Traumatic Galactic Timelines in One Session, that have been holding you back from your Embodiment. 

Being a Hierogamic Union Coordinator, I support Twin Flames, Genetic Equals/Aeonic Pairings. Whether it be Channeling Information you desire, removing blocks, healing emotional pain surrounding your journey with the beloved or clearing your union pathways. This is an Over Generalization, but I go Deep regarding any healing surrounding issues with this Immense Soul Connection. One of my Client’s Beloved had abandoned her & got married to a Karmic with his child. I was able to remove immense grief from her fields & pivot him off her from an energetic standpoint… so she could move forward in her life with as much grace & ease as is possible. 

Also, I can remove your Reiki Attunements if you wish… as this sources from the lower astral realms (lowest form of healing) & isn’t a healing modality from your Godself. It’s a hijacked system. I honor those who have walked this path…

These Sessions can be Centered around Several of the Following…

* The Return of your Spiritual Gifts from the Multiverse

* Expanded Jewels, Fire Letters and Key Codex’s

* Healing & Integration of the Causal Body

* Blocks Removal (Darkness)

* Nadial Complex Repair/Brain Rewiring & Remapping

* Soul Fiber Healing

* Gifts of DNA Upgrades, Source Healing, Star Family Integrations

* Healing from Passing of a Loved One with associated Messages, Supporting you to not only access your grief but Purging what lies hidden.

* Akashic Records Healing, Upgrades & Clearings

* Hierogamic Union Healing & Support

* Guidance & Navigation from your Oversoul, Guides & Angels

* Etheric Rewiring & Clearing as Needed

*Genetic Lineage Healing & Clearing

* Addictions & PTSD Pathcutting/Healing

*Abundance Gifts & Upgrades

* Physical Healing & Shifting as guided

* Plus more as Witnessed & Heard (see my past work below plus reviews)


Questions or Special Requests? I have accommodated others using my Sacred Gifts. I am Happy to Respond.

Reach out below in contact form at the bottom of this page.

Some of my Clients report big changes after a Session & Some don’t feel different. Some will understand through the passing of time exactly how these sessions have supported them. It depends on YOU, where you are at in your ascension journey OR if your empathic abilities are turned way up. Just know that Amazing Soul Work has been done, no matter how you personally respond. If you have been heavily attacked & suffer from much dark infiltration, it will take more than one session with me. I work quickly & remove/clear more than I can possibly describe. 

Having been on the Ascension & Hierogamic Union Conscious Path for over 8 years now, I have Embodied much Gnosis, Intellect & Wisdom through my Oversoul Aspects to support you.


NOTE: Multiple Sessions with me can be Life Altering!


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*** $177 to $277 USD or more… for Approximately 75 minutes Session ***


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Cheers & Loves Tracey


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