These Remote Quantum Healing Sessions can be Centered around Several of the Following:

 ~ The Return of your Spiritual Gifts from the Multiverse (I open portals to bring your gifts back to you)

~ Expanded Jewels, Fire Letters and Key Codex’s

~ Twin Flame Quantum Healing, Coaching and Support 

~ Healing & Integration of the Causal Body

~ Removal of Blocks to your Star Families, Spiritual Guides, Angels & Higher Self getting into your fields

~ Nadial Complex Repair / Brain Rewiring and Remapping

~ Soul Fiber Healing

~Entity Possession Removal, Black Magic Removal & Alien Implant Removal

~ Gifts of DNA Upgrades, Source Healing, Star Family Integrations

~ Healing from Passing of a Loved One with associated Messages, Visitation, Supporting you to not only access your grief but purging what lies hidden.

~ Akashic Records Reading, Healing, Upgrades & Clearings plus Coaching

~ Divine Union Healing & Support

~ Deep Masculine/Feminine Healing Within

~ Nurturing through the Divine Feminine Aspects (Mother God) I hold

~ Dissolving of Discordant Personality Architype Overlay Constructs

~ Soul Retrieval & Healing of Soul Fracturing (multidimensional)

~ Guidance & Navigation from your Oversoul, Guides & Angels

~ Genetic Lineage Healing & Clearing

~ Addictions & PTSD Pathcutting/Healing

~Abundance Block Removal, Gifts & Upgrades

~ Galactic Shamanship & White Wizardry Initiation & Key Code Activations (allows for working seamlessly in your own akasha on Galactic Timelines)

~ Mother & Father God return to your vessel for Initiation into Inner Hierogamic Union

~ Embodiment of the Sophia

~ Soul Contracts scrutinizing

~ Plus more as Witnessed & Heard 

 Multiple Sessions with Tracey can be life changing. Also, some dark infiltration may require more than one session with me. Many are not aware of the vastness of the Multidimensional Realms. 

Tracey Stevens is an Embodied Master Quantum Alchemist (Embodiments include: Galactic Shaman ~ Ascension Path cutter ~ Sophianic Healer ~ Dragon Tribe Master ~ Akashic Records Master ~ Master White Wizard) She can Fast Track your Ascension Progress through these Sessions… 

Tracey mainly works from HU-4 (10D~12D) but brings in gifts from her Oversoul at 14D. She brings back your spiritual gifts from the Multiverse (mapping your universal akasha, opening the corresponding portals, gathering your sacred wisdom & knowledge keys… Returning your Gifts) as she has embodied the keys to access all realms. She will bring in many upgrades and downloads that you have been missing or which source gifts through her. 

If you are a healer and are looking to upgrade your practice – This Session is for YOU.



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Payment for this session is $212 – $288 USD

You choose what you can afford or feel good about giving BETWEEN these amounts above. It’s called a sliding scale

Note: It does not affect the quality of the session in any way

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❤️ Refunds not Available ~ I dont offer Payment Plans ❤️

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Sometimes I don’t hold the energy reserves to do these


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