Quantum Soul Guidance Coaching Sessions

I have received Divine Upgrades recently to bring you this Amazing Support! On our Path, it can be difficult to find the Purest Direction & Guidance that our Soul is calling us to. I bring in Loving Support for your Healing/Shifting, Soul Guidance & Energetic Upgrades. Grief Support, Personal Support, Business & Spiritual Gifts Guidance, Ascension Guidance, Plus more…  The Sky’s the Limit here. 

So how is this session different from the Shamanic Journey? This session gives you the space to share specifically what you need guidance regarding & I also hold space as you discuss issues in your life. I help identify your blind spots. I can bring in specific plant medicines, crystals & diet advice that will benefit you. Council regarding sacred sexual healing. 

If you are in deep grief, I hold you energetically & access areas in your fields that you are not able to access yourself. When my 27 year old daughter died in 2021, I was unable to access levels of grief that I needed to release. I sought out support for this. I can remove blocking energy, so you can access your grief.  I understand issues from a very personal & deep quantum (multi-dimensional) shamanic level.

My Soul chose difficult pathways to learn & grow from, so I bring in the Empathy & Guidance from Experience. I Channel from the Multidimensional Realms & can provide Higher Perspectives.  I am Fully Anchored in 12D. My gifts are Unparalleled & include the Highest Divine Direction from your Soul, Guides & Support Teams. I work directly with them for your Highest Potential. This can include Twin Flame/Beloved/Hierogamic Union advice/support as well.

Being fully Embodied along with my Ancient Knowledge… I bring in your Highest Navigational Direction, Inviting You to Achieve your Best Life and Path. Bringing you…Peace of Mind, More Joy, Love & Support. Bringing you back to the Wisdom of your Heart and Inspiring you to Trust your own Inner Guidance. I can bring in Knowledge of your Gifts, Practical Tools and a Coming Home to Yourself. Activating your True Gifts on a Deeper Level.

I also have an Entourage of the Highest Light Teams & Councils which are my flagship & support in these Divine Sessions! I am so honored for their support in all I do.

These Sessions are Sealed Out prior to Beginning & the Intention is set to ONLY bring in that which is concerned with the Pure & True Organic Ascension including Messages & Supportive Healing for You.

My goal is to Empower you with the Roadmap, Clarity & Tools you require…So you Can move forward with Confidence in your Future always with Grace & Ease.  I Love & Adore supporting you in this way. 


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