Akashic Records Analysis
Starseed Data Sheet

I bring you this gift... So you will know Dear One, the work before you. Know that you are always Guided by the Divine. If you are Conscious enough, you will recognize the nudges by spirit to support you in healing your Akashic Records...

Tracey Stevens
Akashic Records Master

Illuminate your Path Beloveds...

It gives you the numbers you need to assess how much ACTUAL healing and clearing is required of you. I bring in, how many traumatic unhealed timelines you have… With a breakdown as to earthly vs. galactic lifetimes. The number of traumatic timelines currently affecting you. The non ~ organic karmic load, the dark has handed you through free will manipulation. The actual percentage of how clear your akashic records is. What your Main Star Families are and blocks associated with them being able to come into your fields to support you. The DNA Upgrades required for you to achieve a Divine Union within yourself… Plus, how CLEAR your genetic lineage from a Soul Contract perspective. I will also BREAK DOWN THE DATA for you… What is required in a broad sense. It is non~published and can only be obtained by purchasing my ANALYSIS & DATA SHEET. I do provide a general description of what the numbers actually mean. 

Includes the Following...

Plus Breaking Down the Data for You

(not published here ~ only available with Purchase)

1. Path: 

2. Universal & Personal Akashic Records Unhealed Timelines Total = 

3. Earthly: ___ & Galactic: ___

4. Number of Traumatic Timelines currently affecting you: ___

5. Non – Organic Timelines (dark): ___

6. Percent of Dark Infiltration in your Akash: ___

7. How Clear is your Akashic Records: ___

8. Current Main Star Families:

9. Do you have Blocks to your Star Families, Angels, Guides & Higher Self coming in to Support You: 

10. DNA Upgrades Needed for a Divine Union with Your Godself (Mother/Father God): ___

11. How Clear is your Genetic/Galactic Lineage plus Soul Contracts: ___

12. Notes: (if any)

13. Messages from your Angels ~ Guides ~ Higher Self at this Time: 



To get more in~depth information on what the numbers mean, it comes with your purchase of this amazing report! Note: I do not bring in any more personal information for you in regards to your own Akashic Records & Starseed Data except numbers 1 ~ 13 of this report. I have however combined my amassed knowledge through my own experience and put it into this special report. It is very general in nature and I cover much in a sprinkling of words (7 Page Report).  It serves as a guide to support you on your healing and ascension pathway.  It is RARE to find an Akashic Records Expert and Master to give you this data! Don’t miss your opportunity to see the work before you now. This way you will be totally conscious of your level! You can see what is possible through providing you with MY OWN PERSONAL DATA vs ANOTHER Anonymous Soul (pics below) who isn’t conscious about the actual work required. It took me, Tracey, 4 years (2019 ~ 2022) to do the Conscious Clearing Work in my Akasha that reflects in my numbers below. I was driven to clear my Akasha and no one taught me how to do it except my Etheric Helpers. I gained knowledge through experience. I received gifts for doing my own work so I could help others too through my Masters Quantum Alchemy Sessions. 

If you want more personal information, you will need to book a session with me. I have taught others how to do their own work in these sessions. 

My DNA Upgrades took many years, with eventually achieving Inner Divine Union with my Godself. These are gifts from the Divine when you do your work.

As a Starseed… I still have much work to do for my Genetic Lineage/Soul Contracts, as you can see in my data sheet. This number reflects soul agreements + genetic & galactic lineages. This number can also reflect your soul agreement in relation to the Covenant of Paliador.  I am only 52% there…. SEE IMAGES TOWARDS BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!


Your Personal Report will be emailed to you as a PDF file


P.S. I have future plans when my energy dictates, of CREATING a short “Akashic Records Course” video offering with instructional notes. This Course will GIFT you the necessary tools, knowledge & wisdom…  So you can do your own Akashic Records Healing without having to pay various healers to do it on your behalf. Look for it as it will be reasonably priced. You can sign up for my newsletter at the bottom, which will announce its arrival.

See the Comparison Images BELOW (Scroll Down) of What your Report will look like...

ALSO see Tracey Stevens current numbers
a Non Conscious person who has done very little work in their own Akashic Records

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~ Your Personal Report will look like the one with the Akasha Image Below ~

Plus it Includes all the information as I break down the Data for you

This is Not ~ Published & only available in your Special Report


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Look of Blank PDF (7 pages total) comes with image-not Shown
This Person is Unconscious of Work Required (they gave their consent to use as example)
Me - Tracey Stevens as example of what is possible!!!

Processing Time is currently 1 to 2 Weeks


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Your Paypal account or Venmo might not include your real birth name nor the Email address you want this PDF doc sent to. Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive your report. Reach out VIA email: chandelieralchemy@gmail.com if you don’t receive your report in the specified processing timeframe above! It is a Violation of Free Will to do these reports for others… please don’t ask. They need to give their consent to me personally…

$66 USD

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