Tracey Stevens

Master Quantum Alchemist

How did I get Here?

       My intent with such a comprehensive about me page, was to provide you with my personal experiences so you can gain an understanding of the depths I have traversed to get where I am today. I have GNOSIS. I am accomplished and highly skilled in supporting you on your awakening pathway whether you are a starseed, twin flame, healer or an advancing spiritualist

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My Kundalini Awakening & the Twin Flame Catalyst

My immense spiritual path was opened up to me through the Twin Flame connection.  Spirit had given me his first name as an 8 year old girl. I knew it was significant but would have to wait 40 years for him to come into my conscious reality. My spiritual expansion truly started in April, 2014 when I first stumbled upon his picture, my Twin Flame. His eyes triggered a spontaneous kundalini awakening within me.

Never experiencing divine love before… This most auspicious day was beyond all comprehension. Nothing could have prepared me for this moment. Honestly, it took me years to wrap my mind around this singular event. My life has never been the same since as I was strongly guided to follow my soul’s mission, purpose and path without deviation. 

I truly had not experienced my divinity before 2014 and found that my claire’s were expanded like never before. I was mentored every step of the way by the Divine even though I did not recognize this till later.  I  had unfathomable experiences of indescribable Divine Love yet many Dark Nights of the Soul in the years that followed, traversing down many Rabbit Holes searching for truth, mainly from  Very few held the answers to my personal puzzle yet I entertained most of them.  I came to the painful realization too late that none had truthful or helpful answers for me surrounding the true twin.  I also spent years immersed in my twin’s exquisite soul essences, timeline traumas and multidimensional travels yet we had never even met or talked about the connection. We finally had our first phone call in 2018 regarding our immense spiritual heart soul twinning. 

This hierogamic union while evident in the etheric time fields never actually materialized in the physical on any level. I was always kept on the outer fringes of my twin’s personal life.  Spirit finally severed the heart cord and connection to him after several requests, as his physical rejection (unrequited love) of me was excruciating and harrowing to my soul. I actually endured soul shock when the heart cord was removed in July 2021. Spirit prepared a beautiful soul to hold me as this occurred.  

I was hyper focused on my personal healing journey because I errantly thought it would bring me into a physical union with my twin. I knew back then in my heart of hearts that we were meant to work together for humanity yet it was a failure to launch. I take responsibility for my role in this. In the early days I was heavily manipulated by the dark without my knowledge as they do not want these unions succeeding on any level. I also gleaned information that the dark played with my twin, like a cat with a mouse praying upon his darkest fears where I was concerned. I was not spared the refiner’s fire burning off what no longer served my human. I learned to walk my own path without him and overcome the divine attraction with much personal work.  The part of his soul that I was attracted to, actually left his vessel in support of me moving forward with hope for a union with another divine masculine. 

Spirit has gifted me many consecutive etheric divine masculine heart connections since 2021 in support of the immense work I do. This in turn fooled me into thinking that I would be meeting these men in the physical~ not. I have endured much PTSD in my awakening journey mostly from listening to auditory voices errantly thinking they were my guides. This is a very corrupt way to bring in information as I had to painfully learn. Telepathic communication, light language and intuition are very powerful tools for advanced souls and I utilize these in my sessions and service work.

I vowed to support others who were also on this accelerated twin flame ascension pathway to ease their illusions, confusion and suffering amidst my gifts. Through this significant twin flame pathway I gained spiritual gnosis of the etheric realms, divine unions, ascension plans and the immense dismantling of the NAA agendas on this planet and beyond.  If you are a twin reading this, you are not here by accident!!! There is a magnification to me of those needing my support. 

I shed the layers of dark shadows, programming, personality archetypes and traumas that no longer served me. I learned that I was not loving, honoring or respecting myself.  I healed ALL my traumatic lifetimes in my akasha and connected to my sacred divinity within… in a colossal way,  forever altering the trajectory of my life. I experienced portal openings, my multidimensional self, telepathy plus brought in the gift of Light Language. Note: I am not a medium or channeler. 

I had sacred reunions with my star families, ascended masters like Lord Sananda, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Kryon, the Archangels, my galactic shamanic teams and Christed white wizards, Elohim, dragon family, faery family, plus countless more. I strongly resonate with my Sirius B and dragon lineage. 

I had many psychic dark demonic force attacks which were excruciating. The Draco/Reptilians have really been a huge part of this on many levels. They took my mind into many mental prisons which took me months to recover from plus brutally attacked my health until I learned to step into my power and command my space through the 12D Shield and other practices (find my advice for Starseeds in my blog HERE).  Mastery through trauma is the key here. I am one tough Galactic Badass.


These are the technical details regarding my spiritual embodiments from my Oversoul essences. I have embodied multiple soul aspects as a Master Quantum Alchemist and Universal Guide.  My main sub aspects include: Akashic Records Master, Master Galactic Shaman, Master Christed White Wizard, Ascension Path cutter, Sophianic Healer, Dragon Tribe Master and Mother ~ Father Arc Embodied.  

I hold Avalon coding, Maji grail queen coding, the Mary Magdalene essence, high Sirian/Arcturian elder codes, highest Christos/Sophia templating, emerald order guardian codes, blue diamond rainbow dragon keys and codes, gold and blue ray seraphim, plus new Sophia source codes…   I am one of thousands (original souls) here who are Master Key Holder’s for the planet. Note: I hold the Master Keys to access ALL layers of your Akashic Records from this earthly incarnation and beyond to all universal realms. 

I primarily work in Harmonic Universe ~ 4 (Tenth Dimension ~ Twelve Dimension) but utilize Fourteen Dimensional Oversoul Gifts

Further Wisdom Through Experience

I am 58 years old and have a rich tapestry of life experiences that defined and refined me as a spiritual quantum alchemist healer. 

I was born into the Mormon religion which detrimentally shaped my social  and spiritual perspectives. Upon my spiritual awakening I had experiences contrary to my religious beliefs, painfully arriving at the conclusion that I had succumbed to brainwashing for years. I realized the true celestial marriage (Heiros Gamos) occurs within and not outside of oneself. I rediscovered nature from spiritual perspectives and how extremely valuable Gaia medicine is to soul nurturing (not a religious building). It was excruciating to come to the realization that my entire life up to this point had been lived around illusions and deceptions.  It took time but I severed ties to this religion through legal, and etheric methods establishing strong boundaries with those who self assert and peddle their beliefs upon others.

I was finally free to take up guilt free hobbies like Tarot and Oracle Cards. I own 62 decks and they bring me so much joy! Studying occult topics and spiritual modalities was on the menu as well. I also became passionate about wines and immersed myself in the culture for a while. It is no longer part of my path however. 

I was also groomed to believe that I had an unacceptable height to weight ratio and put on a diet at 8 years of age. A trend that would continue until the day I got married. This adversely affected my self worth. I would feel as though I was never good enough no matter how talented or beautiful I was (I AM). I was also sexually molested as a 7 year old by babysitters, a sad but common tale. I would also learn that how I expressed myself as a child had little value and affected me by immense fear of speaking my truth as an adult. 

I gave up my first born daughter for adoption in 1988. I found her 20 years later which has given me much solace and joy. I have 3 gifted grandchildren by her. My second daughter had brain cancer at two and half years old with a year of chemotherapy. I took her off chemotherapy despite the Oncologists dismay, as I slowly watched her small body succumb to dirty pharmaceuticals. She then improved and went on to lead a full life with small deficits in which she overcame and triumphed. She was a walking miracle with a beautiful heart. She passed away from a seizure in twenty twenty one at 27 years old. This was the same week my twin flame’s heart cord was removed. It was such a traumatic time, I almost left my vessel for good but my beautiful brother kept me in my body at my request.  My first sister committed suicide in 2016 at 43 years old leaving behind 2 children. This was difficult because I took on the responsibility to handle her earthly possessions. My beautiful sister took on the loving task of helping her abandoned children. I also left (2020) and divorced my husband of 30 years due to an addiction he was unable to overcome.

I have worked in many industries throughout my life giving me a wide variety of talents and experiences. Some of the positions I held were: Accounting at a shoe store, maid then concierge at at major hotel chain, private club hostess, baker, parking garage attendant, currency processor at the Federal Reserve, technical support/customer service for a portable peripherals company, prepping documents prior to microfilming at a nuclear power plant, custodian at a Mormon temple, hospital medical records specialist, hospital medical coder (went back to college), plus more… 

I volunteered much through my prior religion and would organize and cater food for hundreds. 

Being in the medical field plus having a mother for a nurse has given me much education in the health field arena. It supports the work I do. I have also experienced many health issues over my life. I have overcome many of them through my spiritual work, clearing my akashic records and choosing better health practices. I am not perfect however. I healed my hypertension, interstitial cystitis, thyroid issues, severe obesity and severe chronic hip pain.

I was recently diagnosed with FND (functional neurological disorder) while in the hospital for 4 days. I have had it since 2019 after a hospital stay with sepsis. It has affected the way I conduct my life with limitations.  This is why I ask for donations on my site as I have not been fully able to financially support myself.

Client Session Work

Clearing non-organic timelines. processing hidden traumas, activating mission templates, divine union upgrades, DNA upgrades, bringing in long awaited for star families, ascension path cutting, implant and entity removals, dark magic removal, sacred sexual healing, genetic paternal/maternal lines clearing, childhood, youth and adult trauma clearing from this incarnation and quantum relationships entanglement dissolving through all time.

Brought in expansive Spiritual GIFTS clients were missing- shown as beautiful treasure boxes of many colors with innumerable blessings poured into their fields (key codes, jewels and fire letters).  Activation of other etheric lineages (Faery, Dragon, Lyra, Andromeda, Plieadian, etc).  Assigned new teams of light if clients outgrew the current team. Restoration of Oversoul Gifts.

 Brought in template key activations and healings to start clients on their path to be Galactic/Celestial Shamans, Medicine Women, Warriors and Cosmic White Wizards.  This gives many the keys to work in their personal Galactic Akashic Records or that of others. It has to be earned however. Upgraded clients Akashic Records bringing in very specific crystalline essences with the energy of flowers, totem guides and starlights.  This changed the entire energy of the Akashic Records/DNA to be in alignment with clients specific blueprint. Adjusted the time clock vectors in the Akash. Clearing the rocky ascension pathway in the Akashic Records. See my Akashic Records service HERE


Dissolved lower dimensional cords and quantum entanglements to divine counterparts that were removed from my clients because they could not honor their divine soul contract with them (not choosing to do the work). Reassigned new souls into the human avatars of old divine counterparts or past karmic partners… thus freeing energy up (de-tanglement). There are many souls waiting who want to experience the ascension at this time, so these souls were transposed for those whose contracts had ended or were null and void.  I am able to intuit information, remove blocks, heal emotional pain surrounding your journey with the beloved or clearing union pathways. 

Sometimes, I can tell you whether the soul you are connected with will NOT be manifesting in the physical. This has been very painful to accept for a few prior clients. There can be many illusions and attachments with these unions that are ultimately for our highest growth. 

One of my client’s beloved had abandoned her and got married to a karmic partner with his child. I was able to pivot him off her (my client) from an energetic standpoint… so she could move forward in her life with as much grace and ease as possible. Dissolving unions (dark architecture & free will manipulation) and connecting with another that your soul has a contract with to have a divine union experience. This can be etheric higher self or human. I do not choose these personally. All is perfectly aligned with the soul, oversoul and monadic group.     

Removal of Reiki Attunements

Many do not know that…the Reiki Attunements source the healing energy from the Astral Realms (HU~1) and NOT your God Source Self. Read more on my OmniSage Blog HERE. I have dismantled these attunements in prior clients with consent. I do honor this pathway as it has supported healing many souls. It is time for a new paradigm however. 

Accomplished Spiritual Work Experiences

I have collaborated with several Soul Brothers and Sistars in the spiritual community publicly and behind the scenes on countless projects for the collective and Gaia. This has been my greatest joy and achievement. Thus transforming my suffering from Lead and turning it into Alchemical Gold! Some projects with other embodied Starseeds were to clear serious dark infiltration on this planet and beyond. 

One such project was with 17 other lightworkers. We went into the Hell Realms (phantom realms) and reclaimed all the souls trapped there plus dissolved this Dark Hell Realm for Mama Gaia!!! Now it looks like a construction zone. I hold the maps to the Phantom Realms, just like I hold the Multiversal Maps. 

I also worked with 5 other Lightworkers to reclaim the “Moon Chain Children” from the Dark Tethers on the other side of the Moon. These are children who are committed into dark service while in the wombs of their mothers. We destroyed the dark bases there in the 6th dimension plus sent all souls involved home to God. 

Healing all fractured souls from the Electric Wars with my friend David Starr. This was a Borg type reality in a distant universe. Huge gift for the ascension and this planet as it affects souls who are stationed here. 

Myself and another Galactic Shaman traveled to the Denver Airport to perform Dark Cabal clearing there with subsequent stationing of galactic officer patrols on behalf of the Councils of Light. 

I have spent countless hours working behind the scenes with soul tribe on twin flame divine unions through divine guidance along with removal of darkness infiltration and architecture preventing these unions from manifesting in the physical on a global multidimensional landscape. 

My higher Godself is also a spiritual angelic guide for many through the ascension and they will etherically see me working in their fields or in their dreamscape. 

Road Trip excursions to heal the planet have been prolific. I have personally removed many dark grids in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Arizona and Utah. Established new crystalline grids and opened permanent stargates to transit souls ready to leave the planet.  Also established stargate portals with etheric galactic shaman to transit dark entities off planet to tribunals or for rehabilitation. 

I also had a Quantum Healing Radio Show on News for the Soul with Nicole Whitney. My program recordings can still be found.       

Interesting Facts about Me

I loved Art Bell and faithfully listened to all his radio shows on Coast to Coast. I would actually get chills when the bumper music came on, it was that exciting! Mel’s hole was probably the most fascinating program of Art’s, I was completely riveted. 

I am a BBC girl and have consumed much of the comedy and period dramas. It’s my fantasy to live on the Cornwall Coastline. Music is my life and ecstasy. I have a natural affinity for arts, crafts and cooking. I have crocheted several hats, bibs and washcloths. I love fresh herbal gardens and maintain one. I brew my own herbal teas from fresh garden herbs or dried. I make my own tinctures. I love topiary and shrubbery and used to derive joy in designing my own landscapes. 

I used to be an advanced beginner silversmith and created designs. I adore pugs, boston terriers and flat nose breeds, they make me giggle. I can work on my own car which I have owned since 2002. My father always treated me like an equal and we mechanic’ed together in his garage.


Connecting to my divinity within has been a very sacred process. I have accomplished the inner Hieros Gamos within to my godself through years of consciously determined spiritual work. My akashic records is 100% clear. I walk my talk.

I live my personal life in accordance with the Law of One and utilize gratitude practices. I value integrity, honor, forgiveness, humility, empathy, compassion, gnosis, free will, cherishing spiritual gifts and following our own personal divine guidance above others.

I Co-Create with the Divine for my Spiritual Offerings, Services & Art. The more I learn, the more I realize… I am still just a Child in a Vast Fragrant Lush Garden of Learning. 


Cheers & Loves Tracey

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