Quantum Healing Services

Shamanic Quantum Healing Sessions

I am an Ascension Path Cutter & can Fast Track your Progress through these Sessions…

 These Remote Quantum Sessions are ALWAYS Divinely Guided using my Unique Soul’s Signature & I never know in advance what will come through for you. Multiple healing/clearings happen in session at the same time, so much so, I am unable to describe all I do for you This truly is Quantum Healing Work. I have Embodied my Highest Channels in the Ethers for this Sacred Honoring Work. I connect with your Oversoul, Organic Teams of Light, Angels and Guides for your Highest Templating & Healing. I hold the Master Keys to access ALL layers of your Akashic Records from this Earthy Incarnation & beyond to all Universal Realms. 

I also have an Entourage of the Highest Light Teams & Councils which are my Flagship & Support in these Divine Sessions! I am so honored for their support in all I do!

These Sessions are Sealed Out prior to Beginning & the Intention is set to ONLY bring in that which is concerned with the Pure & True Organic Ascension including Messages & Supportive Healing for You. I also can offer Guidance based on my Wisdom & Experience at the End of Session. You will be given a Sleep State Command plus Shield to use prior to Session if you don’t use one. 

I often Bring in Star Families that were previously unable to connect with you & can Connect you with your Mother God/Father God aspects to seat fully within you… I can Activate your Galactic Shamanship, White Wizardry Plus bring in Missing Spiritual Gifts if you are Ready to Receive… Meaning, You have been Doing your Work but are NOT seeing Improvements or Forward Progress. Plus I Clear & Heal Multiple Traumatic Galactic Timelines in One Session, that have been holding you back from your Embodiment. 

Also, I can remove your Reiki Attunements if you wish… as this sources from the lower astral realms & isn’t a healing modality from your Godself. It’s a hijacked system.

I am a Darkness Detective & can find it as Blocks in your fields where most cannot! You could call me the Sherlock Holmes of the Etheric Realms across all Timelines & Dimensional Realities. This is reflected in the type of work I do with others behind the scenes, like my participation in the Dissolving of the Hell Phantom Matrix Realms on this Planet. I will include this as one of my blog posts soon as it’s one of the Feathers in my Cap as it were… 

These Sessions can be Centered around the Following…

* Healing & Integration of the Causal Body

* Implants, Entities & Blocks Removal

* Gifts of DNA Upgrades, Source Healing, Star Family Integrations

* Healing from Passing of a Loved One with associated Messages, Supporting you to not only access your grief but Purging what lies hidden.

* Akashic Records Healing, Upgrades & Clearings

* Twin Flame – Hierogamic Union Healing & Support

* Guidance & Navigation from your Oversoul, Guides & Angels

* Etheric Rewiring & Clearing

* Addictions & PTSD Pathcutting/Healing

*Abundance Gifts & Upgrades

* Physical Healing & Shifting as guided

* Plus more as Witnessed & Heard (see my past work below plus reviews)


Questions or Special Requests? I have accommodated others using my Sacred Gifts. I am Happy to Respond.

Reach out below in contact form at the bottom of this page or via email: chandelieralchemy@gmail.com 


Having been on the Ascension & Hierogamic Union Conscious Path for over 8 years now, I have Embodied much Gnosis, Intellect & Wisdom through my Oversoul Aspects to support you.

NOTE: Multiple Sessions with me will be Life Altering!

BOOK YOUR SESSION ON CALENDAR BELOW… AFTER payment. Payment & Booking are done Separately. So this means you will need to COME BACK to this page AFTER payment to BOOK your SESSION

Find the Booking Calendar below,  Just scroll down… It’s After the Services!  You can actually browse my calendar beforehand to see my availability.

Cheers & Loves Tracey

Send an amount that you feel good about giving. There is no right or wrong here, and you choice does not change the quality of your session in any way.

Just fill in the Price on Buy Now Button Below between…

*** $188 to $288 or more… for Approximately One Hour Session ***


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Quantum Soul Guidance Coaching Sessions

I have received Divine Upgrades recently to bring you this Amazing Support! On our Path, it can be difficult to find the Purest Direction & Guidance that our Soul is calling us to. I bring in Loving Support for your Healing/Shifting, Soul Guidance & Energetic Upgrades. Grief Support, Personal Support, Business & Spiritual Gifts Guidance, Ascension Guidance, Plus more…  The Sky’s the Limit here. 

So how is this session different from the Shamanic Journey? This session gives you the space to share specifically what you need guidance regarding & I also hold space as you discuss issues in your life. I help identify your blind spots. I can bring in specific plant medicines, crystals & diet advice that will benefit you. Council regarding sacred sexual healing. 

If you are in deep grief, I hold you energetically & access areas in your fields that you are not able to access yourself. When my 27 year old daughter died in 2021, I was unable to access levels of grief that I needed to release. I sought out support for this. I can remove blocking energy, so you can access your grief.  I understand issues from a very personal & deep quantum (multi-dimensional) shamanic level.

My Soul chose difficult pathways to learn & grow from, so I bring in the Empathy & Guidance from Experience. I Channel from the Multidimensional Realms & can provide Higher Perspectives.  I am Fully Anchored in 12D. My gifts are Unparalleled & include the Highest Divine Direction from your Soul, Guides & Support Teams. I work directly with them for your Highest Potential. This can include Twin Flame/Beloved/Hierogamic Union advice/support as well.

Being fully Embodied along with my Ancient Knowledge… I bring in your Highest Navigational Direction, Inviting You to Achieve your Best Life and Path. Bringing you…Peace of Mind, More Joy, Love & Support. Bringing you back to the Wisdom of your Heart and Inspiring you to Trust your own Inner Guidance. I can bring in Knowledge of your Gifts, Practical Tools and a Coming Home to Yourself. Activating your True Gifts on a Deeper Level.

I also have an Entourage of the Highest Light Teams & Councils which are my flagship & support in these Divine Sessions! I am so honored for their support in all I do.

These Sessions are Sealed Out prior to Beginning & the Intention is set to ONLY bring in that which is concerned with the Pure & True Organic Ascension including Messages & Supportive Healing for You.

My goal is to Empower you with the Roadmap, Clarity & Tools you require…So you Can move forward with Confidence in your Future always with Grace & Ease.  I Love & Adore supporting you in this way. 

NOTE: Multiple Sessions with me will be Life Altering!

Book your Session on Calendar below AFTER payment. Payment & Booking are done Separately. Soooo This means you will need to come back to this page after payment to Book your Session.  

Find the Booking Calendar below,  Just scroll down!  You can actually browse my calendar beforehand to see my availability. 

Cheers & Loves Tracey…

Send an amount that you feel good about giving. There is no right or wrong here, and your choice does not change the quality of your session in any way.

Just Fill in the Price on Buy Now Button Below between…

 $188 to $288 or more for Approximately ONE HOUR SESSION


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Animal Pet Healing Session

We all Love our Animal Companions & they can suffer greatly from unseen forces. As a Shaman & White Wizard, I can Clear their Fields, Heal, Attune & Align them to their Divine Purpose in YOUR Life so they lead a much happier existence.  These sessions will also be geared around Supporting your animal companion to Realign & Attune them to the incoming energies from the Ascension.  

I will give a voice to your animal’s sufferings & anything else they wish to share with you through my Channeling. Coaching you as well as to things that might support them.

I also have an Entourage of the Highest Light Teams & Councils which are my flagship & support in these Divine Session. I am so honored for their support in all I do.

NOTE: Sessions run approximately 1 hour

Book your Pet’s Session on Calendar below AFTER payment. Payment & Booking are done Separately. So this means you will need to come back to this page after payment to book your session.  

Find the Booking Calendar below,  Just scroll down!  You can actually browse my calendar beforehand to see my availability. 

Cheers & Loves Tracey…

Send an amount that you feel good about giving. There is no right or wrong here, and your choice does not change the quality of session in any way.

Just Fill in the Price on Buy Now Button Below between…

$144 to $188 or More

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Book Your Session Below after Payment

Please triple check the date & time you select BEFORE BOOKING! Please note: If you are traveling while booking, it will make appointments in the time zone you are currently in... not where you actually live. Zoom Link will be sent via Email before Appointment. Cheers Tracey

Shamanic & White Wizard Clearings

Shaman's Healing Pendant

These Unisex Gem & Stone Pendants I silversmith myself-Top is sterling silver.  I use my Shamanic gifts & work with your higher self, angels & guides to imbue energy into the pendants to help you when you wear them. I can also create a Talisman personally designed for you, imbued into these pendants!

These came about when my 2 year old daughter was going through chemotherapy in 1996. Her drugs came in these tiny glass vials. I thought they were so cute and would be brilliant worn as a necklace. Many different styles available in my Etsy Store

Soul Care &Healing Indepth

As a Celestial Shaman, White Wizard & Divine Mother God Essence… I have guided many clients into their Akashic Records, exposing the trauma from other lifetimes (organic/non-organic, this planet & throughout the universe), held in the bodies energetic fields, bringing them to the surface to heal… through this process I have supported many to clear their present reality of serious issues affecting their life. 

Much of the trauma we think that is due to this lifetime IS IN FACT from other alternate lifetimes… This is soul fracturing. This exists regardless of your religious beliefs & denying it prevents your soul’s growth.

By clearing & healing other lifetimes, with the support of a qualified practitioner, this will help you move forward in your life & release you from the energy holding you back from living your present life to its fullest. This furthers your soul evolution & growth. This is the most important soul work you can do on yourself.  The more engaged you are on your healing ascension pathway, the greater the likelihood you will attract your divine counterpart into your life.

   There are negative polarity aspects that do not want you to heal these alternate lifetimes & will place all kinds of blocks for you getting this work done. Do not succumb to the doubts & negativity-be fearless in the pursuit of your healing.  It is worth every penny for your future happiness & peace.

I am gifted in many areas: removing soul possessions, channeling, processing/healing traumas of worlds & galaxies, death of a loved one support (your loved ones not only communicate with me but work through me… for you), haunted home/building clearings, genetic line clearings, contract removals, personal coaching, soul mission guidance, crystal divination, totems, clearing dark energy attachments & oracle card readings.

All my services are very gentle where you are lovingly held by the Divine. My work is centered around the Pure & True Organic Ascension as with the Light Beings who support me.  We all have a shared goal & contract to assist humanity evolve on Earth through this ascension cycle & restore the balance of energy back to Gaia in her time of need…

I hold Pure Organic Divine Mother ~ Father God Embodiment, Avalon Coding, Maji Grail Queen Coding, Mary Magdalene Essence, High Sirian/Arcturian Elder Codes, Highest Christos/Sophia Templating, the Christos Templar Essene Functioning, Hieros Gamos Master Keyholder, Intellectual Advisor of the Ages, Emerald Order Guardian Codes & Blue Diamond Rainbow Dragon Keys & Codes. I live my personal life in accordance to Law of One with Integrity, always following my Divine Guidance.

I welcome donations to this site!

Cheers & Loves Tracey

Some of my Past Work:

ALL Clearing of Organic/Non-Organic Timelines in one Session with an all new process given to me by Source. No more going into individual timelines to clear unless guided. Also….Processing Hidden Traumas, Activating Mission Templates, Hieros Gamos Upgrades, DNA Upgrades, Bringing in Long Awaited for Star Families, Ascension Pathcutting, Partial Implant/Entity removal, Dark Magic Removal, Sacred Sexual Healing, Genetic Paternal/Maternal Lines Clearing, Childhood, Youth & Adult Trauma Clearing from this Incarnation & Quantum Relationships Entanglement Dissolving through all time.

 I have brought in GIFTS based on the amount of work my clients have done, but have been missing- shown as beautiful Treasure boxes of many colors with innumerable blessings poured into their fields.  Activation of other Lineages (Faery, Dragon, Lyra, Andromeda, etc).  I assigned new teams of light if clients had outgrown their current team. 


As a HIEROS GAMOS COORDINATOR,  I was able to bring in the FINAL Hermetic Sealing process.  I facilitated the braiding in of the highest soul aspect of the beloved that needed to merge with the avatar (sacred process). 

I have dissolved lower dimensional cords & quantum entanglements to Divine Counterparts that were removed from my clients because they could not honor their soul contract with their beloved (not doing the work). I reassigned new souls into the human avatars of old divine counterparts or past karmic partners… thus freeing energy up (de-tanglement). There are many souls waiting,  who want to experience the Ascension at this time, so these souls were Transposed for those whose contracts had ended or are null & void. 

    I was able to bring in Activations/Healings to start clients on their path to be Galactic/Celestial Shamans, Warriors &/or Cosmic White Wizards.  I have had clients Akashic Records turned into very specific Crystalline essences with the energy of Flowers, Totem Guides & Starlights.  This changed the entire energy of the Akashic Records/DNA to be in Alignment with my clients specific blueprint. 

Removal of Reiki Attunements

Many do not know that…The Reiki Attunements source the healing energy from the Astral Realms & NOT your God Source Self. I see the attunements & Astral connections. When these are removed… You can then source your own Natural Divine Healing Gifts & not a hijacked system. I have dismantled these attunements in prior clients. I do honor this pathway however & it has supported the healing of many. 


Client Reviews

The experiences I have had working with Tracey transcends other Shamanic clearing sessions. The profound nature of Tracey's ancient wisdom and galactic connections assists one to not only access their gifts but to witness tangible manifestations of the alignment's progress integrating in the energy field. The perceived lost treasures and codes are revealed and retrieved with Tracey's vast cosmic team. The energy sessions I have had with Tracey are one of the most unique and powerfully tailored attunements. It is certainly an advanced healing journey that I would highly recommend one to venture through. It is truly a blessing to work with such an Elder Soul as dear Tracey and I am grateful for the support and remembrance we have shared

Anna Lee, New Jersey

  I believe my angels & guides pulled a few strings so I would meet the right person to suggest I see Tracey - it has truly been life saving for me. I had so many things in my energetic field despite being a (beginning) healer myself like Implants placed from birth on me that I was unable to remove. These were manifesting as physical ailments that no Doctor could solve. Within 10 days of my first session with Tracey, all my physical pain had disappeared. I also had a ton of traumatic past lives that was literally weighing on my energy & karmic load so badly, including false created timelines placed my way to try to stop my ascension. Like one where I supposedly stabbed someone that was completely false.  The feeling when we cleared that from my history was unlike anything I have ever felt before &  almost indescribable. Like sudden euphoria plus giddiness plus clarity plus literal weight and density lifting off me all at once. I am going to continue to see Tracey for a while as she has become my Angel on Earth & I am so grateful. Thankyou soooo much

Amy, California

 Tracey is an amazing healer that brings the whole cosmos to the healing to assist. Tracey will bring In as much as your human can handle with love and grace. But the healing and love from Tracey doesn't stop there She will continue to support and lend her experience to assist you further down the road if needed. She understands the full picture of life and it's struggles she has a very big heart for humanity ♥️. I have had multiple sessions with Tracey and look forward to more sessions to further my development. Thank you Tracey. Lane Eberly

Lane, Michigan

Shamanic Journeys (Note: cleared 6 timelines from Akashic records to clear PTSD): Tracey has completely changed my life for the better and I am forever indebted for her help. I feel like she has straight up performed a miracle in my life! She has healed intense trauma and set me free from a mental cage I was trapped in for nearly 16 years. In 2004 I was involved in a very serious car accident that left me with crippling PTSD about driving. It seemed irrational, but I could not drive except under certain conditions because intense fear and anxiety would take over, preventing me from leaving my home unless I could find someone else to drive me. I am a very independent person, so that has been beyond difficult. I had just accepted that I'd never drive again and tried to work my life around it. I have worked with many people, exercising multiple types of therapy and healing methods to overcome this and none of them have worked. Tracey intuitively tapped into my energy and quickly knew how to help me. We did a couple sessions to clear trauma and then we hopped in the car. After a little pep talk and prayer, for the first time in 7 years living in a mountain town, with the help of Tracey and her amazing team of angels, I was finally able to drive the curvy mountainous pass between my house and the city nearest my home. It was the most liberating sense of freedom and joy I have ever experienced. I was laughing most of the way. I could not believe I wasn't crippled by fear any longer. I have driven more places I would have written off as too scary since, and I have been driving this pass every day since. I cannot even express how grateful I am for Tracey's ability to work with me through this and how thorough her healing is. She is truly gifted and knows exactly how to help people overcome their issues. Her prices are more than fair and I adore her heart so deeply. She is the real deal!! If you need help overcoming or healing from things, please book some sessions with her! She is so amazing, I can't even put into words how much she has blessed my life!

Jodi, Idaho

I was referred to Tracey by a dear friend who suggested that I book a session. I am increasingly becoming more protective of my energy & wasn't sure it was something I was ready to book. I reached out to Tracey via email & felt at ease with her response & also when reading about the services she offers. I had the feeling that I would benefit from having the experience. So I went for it and I am happy I did. Tracey is PURE! the real deal. As my friend lovingly describes Tracey is as an OG/original gangster. She is skilled, dedicated & thorough at clearing timelines. She cleared several timelines & the experience was new & exciting for me. It all made sense & I could correlate how trauma from past lifetimes had carried over into my current life. I also had confirmation that my calling to the water was more than a nudge, it had much more weight, depth & history. I felt lighter days later as I integrated the session. I'm looking forward to clearing more of my trauma & growing along the ascension path.

Alexis, California

I am forever grateful to Tracey for all she has done for me as a spiritual leader and Celestial Shaman. She was absolutely amazing. Her energy is so powerful that I was literally vibrating during our session. She also upgraded my light body bringing me to a higher level by upgrading my chakras and DNA. Tracey did a lot of healing and clearing of dark energies and removed implants. She also removed fears that I had. For so many years I have not been able to drive in the rain due to past life traumas. I was also involved in a tornado that destroyed my house in the middle of the night. She was able to clear all these traumas and also cleared timelines that were very painful such as when I was a teenager. She assisted me with fragmented soul retrieval. During our session, It was so amazing to feel the presence of other beings such as Archangels Michael, Metraton and Rafael as well as some Ascended Masters. My life has completely changed for the better. I now feel so much happier, the sadness has been lifted and I feel more at peace. I will continue to work with Tracey and I would recommend her services to my friends. Love, Dina

Dina, Florida

      Three Shamanic Journeys: I am so grateful to have come across Tracey and her work. I was guided to do soul retrieval a while back, but had some resistance, as I knew some of my timelines were very traumatic. When I heard about Tracey's work from a soul sister, I intuitively knew that it was time, and that Tracey was the right person to assist me. It was very intense work, but Tracey was there to hold and guide me all the way through it. She really took her time for me and also shared a lot of important knowledge that was needed for me in my journey. Fear has always been the biggest issue in my life, and even though I had done a lot of inner work in the past years, it was still not clear where these feelings came from, until I started working with Tracey. I have never met anyone who sees things so clearly and is so thorough in her work. She really goes where a lot of others can't or won't go. By doing these sessions, I really started to understand how healing on a multidimensional level works. Also, the knowledge she shared with me, gave me so much more insight, which caused me to experience sort of a next level awakening. For me, to be able to fully step into my mission here on earth, it is very important to be clear from this deep trauma and programming. Tracey helped me massively in this and I am forever grateful that I was divinely guided to her. 🙏🏻❤

Evelien, Spain

      Three Shamanic Journeys:  I am so eternally grateful for my session with Tracey and her amazing gifts as a Galactic Shaman.❤️ I was guided to her by a soul sister and knew it was important to see her right away as my guides always directly to the right soul at the divine time. I have been on my awakening journey for some time now ( 15 years) and have been doing massive healing and clearing these last few years to step fully into my light and mission. Due to the trauma I experienced, like many on this planet, there was still timelines effecting me currently. When I first met Tracey, she talked to me, telling me what she suggested. I immediately felt supported and held. The session I had was amazing as we went to several extremely traumatic lifetimes and then I got to experience a profound healing where the timelines were cleared and sealed. It was magical!🙏 I will be seeing her again as I feel so much more clarity now on who I am, was and am becoming. I feel more empowered in knowing my gifts and a lot less fear knowing how protected I am. I would definitely recommend any of her services as she has done massive work on herself, for the planet and so many in service to source!    

Vanessa, California

Haunting/Clearing Service: We own an auto/tire shop that is a very old building. Every business there including ours had a long history of bad luck, things breaking, batteries dying on cars, people feeling something "off" in one of our shop bays, bad attitudes, employees feeling "haunted". Tracey is simply amazing! She came in and cleared our space from lingering energies. It has been over 3 months now, and our whole "flow" at the shop has been much smoother. There is less tension, better attitudes, more work progress. Batteries are no longer dying on us! The business has surpassed any prior successes. If you have a space you need cleared, Tracey is your person! We so much appreciate her work! Delineation Notes about this property from Tracey: This land upon arrival by myself was found to contain a soul in suspended animation being tortured for a number of years by negative dark forces. The property was being used as a training ground for this dark work. Through my shamanic services, I was able to extract & free this soul, returning them to source for healing from the deep soul fragmentation endured. Clearing & healing of this property was brought in afterwards to purge the land of the negative influences there. This property also required me to go back in weeks later as some of the energy resurfaced due to energy deep underground. This also had to be addressed.  This was a very rewarding experience for me as a Shaman to be in service to the Divine!

Nick, Idaho


Email: chandelieralchemy@gmail.com