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Demystifying the Akashic Records…

They, the AKASHIC RECORDS are the Living Library of your Soul, through which Pours the Essence of all that You Were, Are and Will Become…

The Akashic Records represents our Oversoul knowledge that we share with many other same Oversoul Splits (think of a fire with many sparks shooting out ~ they came from the same flame) who incarnated here in other human vessels. So… We can share similar characteristics with thousands of humans here. These human vessels can only hold bits of our DNA Keycode potentials. By doing our work here on our own Akashic Records, it supports us and those Monadic Souls we inherently share an Oversoul with. We have many Oversoul aspects that we cannot comprehend in this density plane of existence. Our Oversoul aspects are a vast network of light consciousness. We hold within our DNA, the keycodes, jewels and fire letters to rise into our Divine gifts if we are willing to do the work. You can read more about Fire Letters HERE

Our DNA remains largely dormant until our Kundalini Awakens us. When we experience a Kundalini Awakening, we then light up our own etheric crystalline networks of consciousness. This in turn gives rise to illumination of our Divinity within. This is why it’s so difficult for most individuals who have not experienced a Kundalini Awakening to comprehend these concepts, as they are not cognizant with inner knowing/feeling of their inherent divinity. After our Kundalini Awakening, our physical vessel starts to vibrate at higher points of light. This process of taking on more light from our Oversoul takes much time as many etheric energetic adjustments are required… otherwise we would experience a spontaneous combustion of our body, as it has not adapted to higher levels or octaves.

Timelines in our Akashic Records; These are the individual lifetimes our soul has experienced in various incarnations. Earthy, Universal or Galactic. When we access these lifetimes by opening the book or door so to speak, we are accessing memories given to us as images, visions, metaphors, videos, impressions or emotions (signs in our outer reality, dream state, conscious work & meditation). They may not necessarily represent the actual events themselves, only the snippets we are meant to see. Others may see the entire story and publish them. By visiting these lifetimes through our Akash Portals, we may be presented with the gifts or lessons learned to integrate into our multi dimensional fields of crystalline consciousness. Many hold discord, darkness infiltration or PTSD that needs to be cleared as it is affecting current mental states, health and/or happiness. 

Housed within our Akashic Records are several nuances not known to many. Healing our Traumatic Galactic Lifetimes are one of them. We have many veils or memory wipes to our divine remembrance. It is wise advice not to allow just anyone to support your akashic records healing. Many do not hold pure embodied divine keycodes to view and heal within your personal akasha. To obtain these akasha divine keys, takes much personal spiritual healing work. You must prove yourself worthy of these divine initiations (receiving keys) necessary to support others. Our unhealed shadows attract negative entities which can manipulate or distort our view of the Akasha.

In my experience, I am shown a Central Crystal housed with the Akashic Records, which appears exactly like the main crystal hanging from a Chandelier. My soul knew what it was about when it gave me the name of this website! This Central Crystal optical metaphor encompasses our Soul Essence. I often find that my clients Central Crystal is dirty from Miasma plus darkness from Astral Debris. So, I will clean/polish this on behalf of my clients. Also, I adjust this Central Crystal by turning the globe with my Godself aspect. My divine source connection will descend in to recenter it, if dark force manipulation has altered your multidimensional time vectors. The way we experience time can be skewed by dark tactics. Occasionally your time vectors are nefariously adjusted so you age quicker than necessary. This obvious etheric time manipulation does not translate well in this dense physical reality.

In the akasha, I am shown your personal ascension column which appears similar to a concrete ski slope rising upwards. This represents the ascension column in our multidimensional time fields of consciousness based on my current comprehension. I often find rock boulders embedded into this concrete ski slope. A metaphor gifted by spirit. The boulders represent “BLOCKS” put on our ascension pathway preventing a smooth ascension as we level up in octaves. I clear the boulders for you in my Master Quantum Alchemy personal sessions. God source comes in through me to put a divine crystalline lacquered sheen over your concrete giving it a glassy smoothness.

I find… Visual perception of the Akashic Records is exclusive. If our third eye is open enough, we can view it based on our own unique soul signature. When I look at the Akashic Records, I see a roofless building from above with many rooms. Perceivably, I envision Rich Dark Woods akin to finely crafted 19th Century Old English style. Timelines are presented to me in a Wooden Water Wheel fashion with horizontal doors on each wrung. It rotates just like a water wheel but extends in the distance appearing as miles.

I did have a brief soul connection recently gifting me an upgrade in the way I view/clear timelines. His oversoul gifted me this template from his Mintakan Codexes. Due to this gift, I now have a more seamless method of healing timelines. It’s appearance is as a pristine Japanese style lake instead of the old water wheel model. The timelines appear as floating planks upon the water.

I had a client in 2021, in which I described for her… How her soul presented her Akasha. I observed an enormous Old Oak Tree. It was entered via a small door at it’s trunk base. Inside the hollow circular trunk, housed endless mortised wooden doors representing individual timelines. It felt Hobbit like. I have heard of others viewing the Akasha as many separate entities or halls. Thankfully, my soul groups everything in one place, it facilitates better visual comprehension.

My soul is able to see, not only your earthly lifetimes, but those from this Universe plus Multiversal ( galactic) lifetimes. I have had many rich experiences. This universe holds many unhealed lifetimes for us that affect our consciousness. For example… I find many clients who were taken off planet to Saturn. They experienced torture there for their Loosh. Also, I have encountered clients who experienced soul splitting on Jupiter. This is what many identify as the Twin Flame Split. If you know you are a True Twin Flame, this needs to be cleared within your own akashic records. Only the Elder Ancient Ones chose this Mission Template, so not everyone on the planet will have this to clear in their Akashic Records. It was one of the most excruciating experiences I have encountered personally being a Twin.

In my personal sessions, previously I would enter individual timelines describing events that occurred.  I have embodied higher gifts of clearing multiple timelines in one session, running in the background. Also, it is unnecessary to further traumatize my clients by describing what they endured.

You may be wondering.. How I do I actually heal, fractured traumatic soul’s memories for my clients? Myself? A Galactic work project? My Sacred Crystal Heart through my embodied Mother Arc (God) essence, holds the sacred divine keys which are vast, to cradle, succor and heal fracturing… Much like a Mother would do for her Child.

Unawakened humans do not know that the PTSD they may be experiencing is from Unhealed Alternate Lifetimes. It is entirely plausible to experience many of these LIFETIMES simultaneously. I use the word “Alternate Lifetimes”, as time is NOT linear. We have several aspects of ourselves living multiple lifetimes all at once as well… If we have not done our work in our Akasha.  These other lifetimes that hold unhealed PTSD, may have just come to the surface for us to look at, heal and integrate… Yet this knowledge is kept from us. Many seek drugs to suppress the painful emotional responses, many experience soul fragmentation that can display as schizophrenia or other psychological disorders. A few claim to be famous people in what appears as delusions or can derive from an awakened state.

I used to wonder how so many people could identify with feelings of being Jesus, emanating as psychotic to those around them. The Oversoul of Jesus, Yeshua, Lord Sananda can be split into many human vessels here. This is why many of those who are on the awakened path can have aspects of the same divine masters, archangels, etc. They can also have dark cloned holograms being projected towards them, through their unhealed essences. Holographic Inserts placed by dark entities can project false images or lifetimes. I see it much in my work and remove holographic inserts. Discernment is required.

In my life, I have encountered several men who either hold Yeshua or Merlin aspects. I see them as the Ascended Master aspects THEY ARE, have been or are YET to BECOME. They hold these divine code aspects within and it completely fascinates me.  I see many that hold aspects of Mary Magdalene for use in their Sacred Work here. These are the ones who embody the Solar Feminine Christos “Mary Templating” as they are Gold Ray Seraphim, and are restoring that templating to the earth. This is part of the new “Diamond Sun Body” initiation for holding the Sophianic Essences in the Return of the Divine Feminine. I myself have witnessed a part of myself as Mary Magdalene, down at the Tree of Life with Yeshua in my sacred session work. It’s very Surreal and Elegant when this occurs.

In watching several movie/film series, these activated my alternate lifetime memories. When this occurs, I am completely overcome by an intense vocal emotional response. It feels uncontrollable. Outlander, Les Miserables (2012) or Marie Antoinette (PBS 2023) are three such instances. In a movie theatre back in 2012, while watching Les Miserables, I sobbed uncontrollably throughout the entire film!!! It was very difficult to keep silent. These outbursts are my signal to explore within my Akasha and unearth the origins. For Instance, I found that INDEED I experienced a lifetime as Marie Antoinette, but so did many other soul splits in physical human vessels here (thousands in fact). Let this be a cautionary tale. If you encounter someone with extreme emotions, be a compassionate observer, staying neutral. If they are close to you, offer comfort as guided. They usually need to work it out for themselves. Many are judged based on extreme emotional responses. It’s been an eye opening experience for me…

In my session work, I was guided to support a Lovely Soul Sistar whose lifetimes of trauma were triggered by a severe auto accident. She had largely been unable to drive anywhere by herself for 12 years, due to the PTSD running in her unconscious time fields. Once we located them/healed them, I supported her in the final release of fear, whilst she was driving in her car. I was physically in the passenger seat. She pushed through the fear, overcame it and today is happily able to drive everywhere she desires. I was there with her in person, which doesn’t occur often as my work is online. Also, I don’t always experience such a dramatic shift immediately after working on someone, but it can happen…

I used to hold extreme chronic pain in my hip joints, which was aggravated by a very sedentary career. I was on several drugs, being extremely medicated so I could function. When my Shamanic Guides showed me a timeline in a DREAM… Where I had damaged my hip, becoming gangrenous with subsequent death, I WOKE the Feck up, Literally! I realized through my dreams, my light teams were supporting me to do MY work, in my Akash. This was a huge turning point in my life. I started consciously working on the traumatic timelines affecting my hip pain. This was my initiation into my Galactic Shamanship. With time the pain began to subside. Today, I am no longer in pain and forsook the drugs. Note: there can be other factors contributing to pain, inherited genetic health disorders, etheric implants, dark architecture, soul contracts to clear for the collective and a myriad of other possibilities.

I have encountered several men, to whom I felt a DEEP CONNECTION with, that bewildered me… Until I was guided to delve for answers within my Akasha. Also, a few men felt an “EXTREME” Sexual connection to me… So, I had to CLEAR these lifetimes of romantic entanglements from an Akashic Records standpoint. The energy then dissolved. Plus I had to remove their energy/codes from my fields… This in turn, allowed me to move on with my life.

Many Starseeds (kundalini woke) feel these sexual ~ romantic pulls towards OTHERS and CAN misinterpret them as a Twin Flame, Divine Union, Etc. THIS DOES NOT MEAN, IT’S A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! Serious discernment regarding ORIGINS of the energy is required, before entering a Marriage Contract mistake or intertwining your life with theirs. Your personal Akasha can hold the answers, saving you much pain and sorrow. There are many illusions regarding twin flames! The template is now corrupt. Many take monetary advantage of those awakened souls who truly feel the divine soul connection with another. Don’t get caught in looping endless hours/patterns viewing card reader pulls surrounding twin flame union. It’s not for your highest good.

If you need support with a divine union, sessions with me or others who are ADEPT can dissolve another’s energy from your Multi Dimensional time fields.

Personal advice… Look at how they live their life, how unhealed their shadows are, if they are carrying discordant family patterns and if they are NOT in congruence with YOUR values.  Do they have spiritual practices which support their growth? Walk Away if they personally don’t resonate, no matter how the energy feels! You CAN experience their ETHERIC SOUL’S LOVE of you, Coming at you from OTHER lifetimes… It can feel like PURE BLISS, but it may NOT be coming from their human! Surprise… Their human may have NOT done the deep work AND be completely incongruent with how their soul FEELS to you Etherically. This bewildered me much… Until I had a Pure Epiphany of what was REALLY occurring. 

Stay very grounding in reality. Discern my Beauties!!! Choose your own personal HIGHEST timeline with someone who reflects ALL your desires in a Divine Counterpart. Another TIP! Your Twin Flame may ONLY serve as a Catalyst for you as these unions take endless excruciating work as I personally discovered. I have encountered many Twin Flame Souls who experienced a “Failure to Launch” a full physical union with their twin.

The True Divine Counterpart you are seeking may take years to manifest. It has taken copious measures of work, MORE than my human could have EVER fathomed. Much of my private session work on souls surrounds Divine Union with another as I am a “Hierogamic Union Coordinator”.

After my kundalini awakening, I unconsciously experienced unhealed lifetimes for many years as I was raised Mormon. Mormons do not believe in other lifetimes ever! From 2014 ~ 2018 my garbage can in my home office was completely filled everyday with used Kleenexes… From all the crying, shedding and deep purges. I could not understand the deep pain, PTSD and intense emotional outbursts I was experiencing. It was bewildering. Once I came to the realization that I had bought into the religious lies on this planet, my world came crashing down… As 48 years of my life had been wasted in Ignorance! My blog post link “The Return of the Christ, A Simplified Version” about what the REAL Return of the Christ means. Find it HERE

 I started to ask questions like, if I have a savior, then why do I need to do this work? It was his job! Through my studies at that time, I was guided into many esoteric subjects surrounding mystery school teachings. I truly expanded my knowledge. I started vigilant work in my Akashic Records. It took me years, from 2019 to 2022, with “ACTIVE CONSCIOUS WORK” to do the heavy clearing. Today, My Akasha is 100%  clear. You cannot comprehend the levels of “DEEP SOUL PEACE” within… Arriving at this point. It does not mean my life looks like a picnic. It MEANS… My “Sacred Crystal Heart Home” within has reached the final construction phase… Where I have a safe refuge from the storms that blaze through… 

My Soul and Guides support me in clearing tidbits from this Current Human Incarnation in dream states. They also bring me messages through the oracle cards regarding density needing healing for my past marriage, overextending myself and clearing family patterning. Family and friends will mirror back to us issues that need a magnifying glass to see within ourselves.

So… Why is it important to work in your Akashic Records? Many who are Kundalini woke can feel the call to do healing within their own records. Why? because it’s the Souls Responsibility to do this on YOUR behalf, for your line/lineage and oversoul Aspects. You are your own Savior. 

What happens if we don’t clear our own Akashic Records? We end up doing it after our soul transitions from this earthy physical vessel. We will either go into other realms where our soul lessons will repeat until we clear our shadows and the soul’s library of discord (possible reincarnation on another earth). There is a Bifurcation Process underway. We might first be put into healing chambers as we are so heavily fractured. The forced reincarnation wheel structures HERE are being dismantled. Our souls are now free to leave, provided we don’t have dark tethered cords OR stuck unhealed soul fragments preventing us from ascending. Note: We also have much support when we are on the other side. We will be required to do our soul healing in spirit form instead of utilizing a physical vessel. It’s more difficult in spirit as we FAILED to embody the lessons needed for our soul growth here. It can take Eons. In this lower density on earth, it is much easier and faster to clear. Yes, we are very heavily manipulated against our free will. This plane has many CONSCIOUSNESS TRAPS”, one of which is Patriarchal Religions.

HINT.. If you think your SOUL is doing all the work for you because you are Kundalini Woke… YOU WOULD BE INCORRECT. It just does NOT, MAGICALLY OCCUR as so many believe. I know because I believed this too, until an awakened soul shared…I had done very little work to help myself. It was said, I was just experiencing the looping unhealed lifetimes. The actual CONSCIOUS work by myself to actively heal/clear my Akasha had not been done at all!

Clearing our Akashic Records presents with many emotional upsets, learning our lessons and passing our tests. This Earthly School of existence provides vast opportunities for growth in infinite ways. That is why so many have incarnated here TO WAKE UP… to clear, learn and grow for ourselves and oversoul aspects. This is all very general information for this brief description. My soul tends to bring in information that is easily digestible… In small nuggets. 

Lineage Experiences

Years after their death, I have had relatives come to me for my support. They were not AWAKENED to their work. They were trapped in dark realms… YES, here on good ol Planet Earth.   These relatives had dark cords to another and could not break themselves free of this dense earthly plane. I helped release them and felt their deep gratitude afterwards. I open stargates to get them home to their Soul Monad Families. It’s an honor and privilege to do this work for these brave souls who have gone before me.  I have also helped free dead relatives, who had dark Celestial Marriage cords from a supposed Mormon Temple Marriage. This was a dark binding ritual in a building. They could not break free on the other side. (The TRUE DIVINE MARRIAGE is within ourselves first) My deceased relatives did not want to be tethered to another, trapped in a cage like a bird.  Mormons also do “unconscious” dark ritualistic binding with their genetic ancestors in the skewed belief that they are saving them. Many have beautiful hearts and fantastic intentions. So I am not disrespecting these individuals personally, as I was one.

Please Consider doing your OWN work Beloveds, So this is not you, Stuck… Waiting for an awakened relative like me to do it for you! 

Be conscious of the contracts you have agreed to HERE, in your physical vessel. These will not just magically disappear when you transition. Careful contemplation and discernment is required. Legal System structures have dark binding spells (unknown to many) that can be attached with them. Even the adoption contracts come with dark binding cords. I know because I dissolved one from my daughter whom I gave up for adoption. Also, I had my Mormon Contracts severed not only legally, but spiritually as well.

I am able to support Genetic Clearings of all varieties in my Master Quantum Sessions. You can read the type of DEEP work I do, as described in my client session transcripts on my OmniSage Blog HERE

Akashic Records Analysis & Starseed Data Sheet

I can provide you with your own “Akashic Records Analysis and Starseed Data SheetLink Here

It gives you the numbers you need to assess how much ACTUAL healing and clearing is required of you. I bring in How many Traumatic Unhealed Timelines YOU have… With a breakdown as to Earthly vs. Galactic lifetimes. The number of Traumatic Timelines (lifetimes) currently affecting you. The Non ~ Organic Karmic Load, the dark has handed you through free will manipulation. The actual PERCENTAGE of how clear your Akashic Records are. What your Main Star Families are and BLOCKS associated with them being able to come into your fields to support you. The NUMBER of DNA Upgrades required for you to achieve a Divine Union within yourself… Plus, how CLEAR your Genetic Lineage (soul agreements & contracts) are. I will also break down the DATA for you… What is required in a general sense. It is Nonpublished and can only be obtained by purchasing my ANALYSIS & DATA SHEET. I do provide an overall description of what the numbers actually mean. You can find all this information HERE


Report Contents (1st Page only)

To get more in~depth information on the numbers, it comes with your Purchase of this Amazing Report! I have combined my amassed knowledge through my own experience and put it into this report. It is very broad in nature. I cover much in a sprinkling of words.  It serves as a guide to support you on your Healing and Ascension Pathway. It is RARE to find an Akashic Records Expert and Master to provide you with this data!

Don’t miss your opportunity to SEE the work before you now… This way you will be TOTALLY conscious of your Level! You can see what is possible through my providing you with MY OWN PERSONAL DATA vs ANOTHER Anonymous Soul who isn’t conscious about the actual work required.

I bring you this gift… So you will know Dear One, the work before you. Know that you are always Guided by the Divine. If you are Conscious enough, you will recognize the nudges by spirit to support you in healing your Akashic Records”  Tracey Stevens

Blessings & Love

Tracey Stevens

Akashic Records Master, Universal Guide & Master Quantum Alchemist

P.S. I have future plans when my energy dictates, of Creating a SHORT “Akashic Records Course” video offering, with instructional notes. This Course will GIFT you the necessary tools, knowledge and wisdom…  So you can do your own Akashic Records Healing without having to pay various healers to do it on your behalf. Look for it as it will be reasonably priced. You can sign up for my newsletter on my website, which will announce its arrival.

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Blessings to Lisa Renee of & her associated Ascension Glossary. She has augmented my journey much, providing me with the in-depth knowledge to comprehend my gifts. I value her immense gifts she offers to humanity. Without her I would have felt lost…