Client Quantum Session Transcripts Part Two

My intent as a Master Quantum Alchemist is to demonstrate the deep spiritual work that occurs in my Sacred Sessions. If you feel called to get a Quantum Session with me, Find my Services HERE

Love & Blessings

Tracey Stevens

Master Quantum Alchemist ~ Universal Guide

Client Session One

The Sacred Toucan Feather – A Client’s Session Recounting

This beautiful client that I had the pleasure of assisting… Is the perfect example of someone who has done much work. Because of blocks, she was unable to access her gifts. As a pathcutter I clear your path to receive…

I brought in Divine Union codes through Yeshua and Mary Magdalene as my client is near ready to meet her beloved. There was much dark removal performed surrounding her husband who has been extremely reluctant to release her through their marriage contract. Much work was done surrounding this to support them both.

Quantum darkness clearing was performed for the first half hour of this session.

Sekmet brought in Goddess Warrior upgrades/codes along with heart clearing and expansion through my vessel.

Then utilizing a new healing process given to me by a prior etheric beloved union: I step into your vessel, holding your sacred heart and we reach deep into your quantum crystal heart layers to bring forth and heal deep traumas that you have been previously unable to access for yourself. You are lifted up to the great central sun as this process completes… giving you a new reset on heart expansive levels. So this was performed on my client with her consent.

She brought out her TOUCAN FEATHER, which was a gift from a Native American Shaman in a prior ceremony. Her Medicine Woman keycodes, jewels, fire letters, gifts, upgrades and downloads were brought to her in a sacred ceremony performed by her Medicine Woman collectives. She also at the same time was activated to step into her Galactic Shamanship role. From her Shamanic Team, she received her buckskin dress, leather medicine pouch, headdress and so much more…  All her keys were opened so she could embody these aspects deeply. I usually etherically see my clients taken to a sacred circle in the forest around a campfire and I drum while they receive their Medicine Woman-Man/Shamanic Gifts.

The Native American shaman that gifted her the Toucan feather… came in etherically and merged with my vessel to activate her galactic aspects for her shamanship. He had previously inducted her into an earthly shamanic role when he physically gifted it to her… but we brought in these missing galactic pieces. This Native American Shaman’s Soul breathed on her Macaw feather and I witnessed it turn crystalline white, shooting out beautiful white healing feather frequencies through the vane, rachis, barbs and barbules. Sekmet came in and imbued her medicine (golden lightning frequencies coming out my fingertips) in my client’s Toucan feather as well.

Zeus came in with Olympian Style activations for her. She needed the voice of the gods, the magic of the gods and the essence of the Atlantean gods. Ronnie Conner ‘s Poseidon aspect  activated her feather with his trident. (Thankyou Ronnie!) Then Neptune merged with me to imbue trident medicine and bring in divine gifts through the oceans of the new earth. I have been working with Neptune and Poseidon aspects of different masculine soul signatures.

Since my client was missing divine masculine support in her life, Zeus and Poseidon created a sacred trine with my client to support her. I see this as a beautiful woven strand of silvery gold connecting their hearts. An emerald crystal was placed in the center of their heart trine. Sacred healing waters from my crystal heart bathed my client in divinity, love and healing. This created a Magical Trio to support her until she no longer needs it.

I then brought in all her missing gifts shown metaphorically to me as pirate treasure boxes of black, silver, gold, red, orange, green, purple and white. These contained keycodes, fireletters, jewels & coins representing an overflow of abundance. I was shown that these treasures were always there for her but now was the time for her to reap the rewards for all her work. I was then shown a pirates treasure trove cave with gold coins and jewels on the floor presenting this to her as her future inheritance.

Because my client was held back from her gifts, I brought in her Mother Arc essence to embody within her vessel which is a RIGHT OF PASSAGE. Sekmet brought in activations so my client had full access to her embodied Mother God aspect.

The Native American Shaman’s Soul who gifted her the Toucan feather then supported me to bring in her Father Arc essence. I will often work intimately with my clients’ guides for their support. Zeus and Neptune were then going to work with her Divine Father God essence… Bringing forth Bravery, Courage and Fortitude.

I then opened blocked channels so her star families could come in to work with her. These star families included Plieadian, Venusian, Galactic Councils, Sirius B, Lyran, Vega, Fae and the Unicorns. I then activated her Atlantean Keycodes for new earth.

I adore and love all my clients and the sacred healing and upgrades that occur for them. We often cry together, laugh and share very sacred moments. I am very down to earth and direct, holding much love and sacred honoring. Through my clients’ sessions, it teaches me much about my shamanic aspect crafts in significant ways.

Client Session Two 

The Swans of Mistley – A Client Session Transcript

1st off… You can get a download from these SACRED SWANS in the picture by saying “YES”!

Sooo, a previous client from 2021 reached out telling me her guides were urging her to get another session with me. So in session I was asked by her guides to upgrade her energy levels & clear any misconceptions she may have had previously regarding her soul mission and path. A prior etheric beloved’s higher self came in to do upgrades and clearing in her sacred sexual centers.

Next, I did a new sacred process… where I take my client’s inner child and bring her to my sacred crystal mother god heart to heal her. I usually see the downtroddenness of my clients inner child. In this case, I saw my client’s inner child crying. Many have done much inner child healing but this process is an all encompassing healing upgrade. So I did bring my client’s inner child to my sacred heart for deep healing, feeling her soften in the mother’s arms. Then my mother/father god aspects took her to source (the great central sun) for the final healing/sealing. When I saw her return into my client’s vessel, she was the epitome of an innocent child who was lovingly cared for by divine parents. She was dressed in a white gown, smiling like nothing of the darkness in this world had touched her spirit. I then integrated her back with my client into a state of higher bliss.

A medicine woman guide came forward to descend into my vessel to bring in medicine woman gifts, initiation and upgrades that were for her soul’s mission. Example: keycodes, jewels, fire letters, dna upgrades etc. What is interesting about this medicine woman guide is that she had a very galactic presence vs other clients, I see more native/tribal essences connected to this earthly plane. I also brought in heart healing to my client through this guide. We addressed soul fracturing, missed upgrades and downloads with subsequent advancement for her in regards to embodying her medicine woman. We infused her sacred crystal heart multidimensionally with exquisite mother god essences. We infused her high heart chakra/thymus regions with new ascension light codes and downloads.

I was then guided to bring to my client a new swan totem medicine of the highest divine order from Essex. I was previously connected to these swans via a video that serendipitously came to me. My client (divine synchronicity) does happen to live in Essex. I sobbed buckets of tears connecting with the swans’ beautiful energies. My client tearing up as well. It was time for my client to embody her mother arc/god essence. So my celestial shaman aspect brought this swan essence totem into my clients body with the appropriate integration and grounding as a permanency. When I personally fully embodied the mother arc last summer, I was softened through her. My egoic shadows, that I didn’t know I was still carrying… melted away into a divine feminine bliss of tranquility and peace unlike anything I had ever experienced heretofore. Then I brought in activations for her newly embodied mother god essence. This is a right of passage for us as lightworkers to embody our divine mother/father god essences. It takes you to new levels of divinity. I brought in heart healing with my celestite crystal geode.

Then her medicine woman left my vessel and surrounded my client as the channels were now open to her within. I was shown a feather headdress. It so happens my client was guided to purchase a feather headdress a month prior. Her medicine woman wanted her to wear it so I could activate it. I also found out my client had been sleeping frequently in a teepee to nourish and heal her soul. So I activated her headdress for herself and me!!! I did ceremonial drumming to bring medicine to her headdress for her power. I saw the headdress lit up like a christmas tree with beautiful crystalline white energy. I received a download to bring in the right of passage for my client and be inducted into the medicine woman collective. I saw a fire lit under my clients feet burning off what was no longer needed to step into this role. I saw some of the medicine women with one looking like a pocahontas then Elder Medicine Women. One of them showed me her long hair, and pulled out one of her strands of hair, giving it to my client. She put it into my client’s hand so she could integrate the medicine women wisdom of the ages. I brought in gifts from the elders as well. I too received gifts from these medicine women who said I needed help! Haha…

My clients felt like she was home when I brought in the swans as they were part of her essence and along with her fae family.

So then… I brought in her Father Arc/God aspect to integrate and embody, anchoring him into her vessel.  The Elohim came forth to rain in blessings for my beautiful client. I then brought in her missing gifts shown to me always as pirate treasure boxes. I usually see jewels, keycodes, sacred geometry, gold coins, etc. These treasure boxes were different colors… platinum silver, orange, red, gold, blue, green, and finally a medicine woman treasure box full of remedies for her to embody. I felt like this would help her to embody working with herbs, essential oils, etc for healing.

Some of her channels were blocked and her guides were not able to get in to support her. So I opened these channels for her. Fae family, unicorns, white eagles, Pleiadeans, Lyrans, Denusians and elephant tribes from a planet called Fantopia were brought through. This would support her creations she was trying to bring in but couldn’t, due to blocks.  With these unblocked channels I was then able to bring in her star family’s missing gifts. My client was wearing a Christmas shirt in April and I knew she was getting Christmas gifts – Sync! I opened the keys in her heart for new ascension upgrades. I also saw her cute miniature etheric unicorns which warmed my heart.

My teams came in removing entities/dark architecture from her sacred sexual region, to do activations surrounding her sacred divine sexuality. This included kundalini activations and clearings. Source came in with lightning bolts to activate her kundalini. I was then guided to put my client on new higher timelines. I utilize my pendulum to do timeline jumping. Then her guides wanted me to anchor her to the grids of Avebury Henge. I had sent my client there in 2021 for crystalline gridwork. I cried as the stones of Avebury were calling me home! I was then guided to grid my client to Mistley, Uk at the River Stour… the home to sacred beautiful swans. She then told me about the Knobley tree where they killed witches. I then gridded her heart to Ayers rock temporarily. Another activation was brought in surrounding her newly embodied mother/father arc aspects.

I then received a download for what came next…

Kryon entered my human vessel to support opening up a portal in the forest where my client meditates and does spiritual work. This portal was then connected to River Stour in Mistley. This is where the swans live and we utilized the swan medicine there.  I activated these areas. The portal was lined deep into the earth with swan feathers. I saw sacred water being brought out the portal from the Agathans… Inner earth. We then guided the waters over to the River Stour with the swans support where I opened another portal into the inner earth. This was for her to use spiritually and myself at a later date.

My client visited Mistley, UK after this session and sent me this picture of the swans there at the River Stour…

Client Session Three

This was a difficult client session to put into words as it was quite technical and extensive…

My African client booked with me again after he discovered he had an intrautero twin that died. He felt much discord/incompleteness surrounding his lineage but couldn’t quite place the feelings. What came to me is that they shared the same umbilical cord/placenta. This is called Monochorionic Twins. I brought in that… this soul agreed to only come down to this planet briefly so later work could be accomplished with my client etherically, after it’s passing. But things didn’t go as planned for this twin that died in the womb. It was captured by darkness and was put into a type of purgatory… due to the fact that dark forces did not want my client communicating with the twin on the other side etherically. My client and his twin held keys for the continent of Africa going back thousands of years. So my entourage and myself had to go find this intrautero soul aspect hidden in the matter from the explosion of the planet of Tara.

Once we located the fetus, as the Mother Arc, I captured his intrautero twin and held him to my heart. It was difficult to take in. This soul had endured much being trapped like this. We surrounded this twin in a healing bubble of light with incubation, bringing in the love of the missing mother. This fetus was severed from the love of its mother and required rehabilitation. I was very sorrowful and tearful at this reclamation. This soul knew the outcomes it might face in this brief incarnation and agreed to this anyway.

I saw and felt the lifeforce come back into this fetus through this process. I then had to cut the etheric umbilical cord that was tethering it. There was sexual infiltration by the dark as well for this fetus which was healed. I saw the fetus wake up from this dark slumber and it was finally free from this purgatory state. It was a joyful moment to witness and feel. I then merged and integrated the fetus back with its soul. It was then able to merge, acclimate and integrate the knowledge and wisdom gained from its temporary vessel.

I was shown dna strands, chromosomes and the egg that was split into two beings in the womb and how the dead twin erroneously acquired the lion’s share of the gifts that my client was supposed to receive. My divine counterpart’s higher self assisted with this transfer. The packet of genetic knowledge/information my client needed to connect with his ancestors to clear his lineage… was damaged. This was mainly for his soul, not necessarily the human. It was very deep and emotional for me to experience as there was much sorrow surrounding these circumstances. This prevented my client from freeing his trapped ancestors because he was missing the keys to do his ancestors work… him being a genetic equal. This clearing is something the genetic equals/twin flames agree to do. His ancestors were extremely dismayed they had been trapped so long here.

So then his healed intrautero twin soul merged into my vessel to work through me to bring in the missing codes, upgrades and clearings to support my clients contract to clear his genetic lines. His twin then left my vessel.

A 4th great grandmother to my client came in and merged with my vessel to activate him through me to do the genetic lineage work needing to be done. This grandmother was weeping tears of both joy and sorrow. I then merged etherically with my client’s soul as there were many souls needing to be released to go home immediately. I was told this was a priceless gift and the amount of money my client paid for this session was nothing in comparison to the work done. I also felt like this was tied to the bifurcation.

I was then shown lines of my clients ancestors waiting to go home. I had to open a stargate, facilitating the freedom of thousands of ancestors. I handed papers to each ancestor with a freedom ticket and instructions to their next location. Many souls came in to support this great work like Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Lord Sananda, White Wizard collectives, etc. I could feel the excitement and anticipation of these souls finally going home. Without the integration of the wisdom/knowledge of this intrautero twin… this work could not have been completed. I also could feel the energetic shifts in my client as each ancestor was released. Many of his ancestors were crying tears of joy at this prospect of going home.

Blessings rained into my clients fields for this great work that had just occurred. He listened to his guidance by getting a session with me. I felt my client’s mother’s soul had an energetic collapse of sorts because this work was weighing on her soul.

I was then shown a new contract for my client and he was given a choice whether to sign it or not. The old contract with his intrautero twin was burned as it was not able to be completed due to what occurred with the dark interference. My client was getting a reassignment of duties should he accept this. I was not privy to the contract and guided my client to sit with this in meditation afterward to determine if this is what he wanted. I was shown the written contract with gold writing and a feather pen beside it. I was told that the contract details would be brought to my client via messages, dreams, visions or impressions. It felt like, if my client decided to accept this contract, it would change the trajectory of his life. He had to have congruence with his oversoul, soul and his human regarding this new contract. I counseled my client not to listen to any voices he hears Auditorily as this is a very corrupt method to bring in pure divine information. I had to learn some very harsh lessons surrounding this. 99% of everything that I do spiritually, comes through intuitive channels only. I also told him, he could etherically ascend up to the great central sun and connect directly with his godself to bring in direct information surrounding this new contract.

Another question my client had was surrounding the 2 miscarriages his mother had because he felt like it might be something he could possibly help clear. What I found was that because his mother had not fully processed the grief from these miscarriages, they were still tethered to her. Until she fully processed the grief, these fetuses could not be released as they were still connected to her. I did tell my client that he could do healing for these fetuses that would support them but it would not be in totality until his mother passed, then he could complete her work.

One of my clients guides merged into my vessel to bring in lineage upgrades due to his recent embodiments. I was told that this time for my client was a heart expansion so he could come into physical union with his divine counterpart. I opened a new key that was in his heart… dispersing these gifts into his fields. The Elohim honored my client for listening to his intuition, wanting to work on his lineage. I brought in heart expansive gifts for him as well. I felt love and light pouring out my eyes as this occurred. His soul brought in a gift for me for doing this work. He brought in gifts for union with my beloved. His soul wept for what I had endured. It was a gift from Africa in the shape of a carved figurine using the native woods. I also received African medicine! It felt like the heart of Africa medicine. I experienced immense peace come into my fields and softened immediately.

I then connected him to a higher version of his oversoul for the contract consideration brought in earlier. I had to assist his oversoul to come into my client’s vessel as there was a block. I then felt his oversoul connecting with my client in a very profound way.

My client is the perfect example of an awakened conscious divine masculine doing his work so that he and his beloved can come together. It has been an absolute joy supporting him in his massive mission template for the continent of Africa and all he is to bring forth in the future.

Client Session Four

Sharing another Fascinating and Beautiful Client Session

The archangel collective came in to support me to locate any PTSD induced soul fracturing fragments my client had… as she had been experiencing adrenal overloads from any stress in her life. This was done multidimensionally across all space and time. When we had located all the fragments, we brought thousands of them to my Mother Arc Crystal Heart for healing then performed a subsequent integration of these aspects back to her soul.

Then, one of her angelic guides utilized my vessel to descend in, to work through me for her human. She was able to bring in missing downloads, upgrades and clearing for my client through my mother arc/god aspects plus more as embodied. She worked on healing in her sacred crystal heart. After this angelic guide left my vessel, her guide was then able to have full access to her fields to support her on her soul path.

This is a common practice I see in most all my sessions. Your guides will enter my clear and open vessel to bring about clearing, upgrades, gifts and healing for you through my mother arc/god essence. This opens your fields up so your guides can work with you directly. Your energetic blocks prevent your star families, angels and guides from having direct access to you for your support. This is a portion of the work I do as an Ascension and Soul Mission Pathcutter. I always set sacred space and only allow those light beings in my session who are concerned with the pure and true organic ascension as there are many lower cloned versions of our favorite guides.

I then accessed her timefields to find residual Anubian wormholes which were dissolved and healed across space and time.

My teams then etherically cleared this client’s multidimensional fields of darkness. This kind of work isn’t final as the fields are so vast and more become available as we level up through ascension. I then brought in my swans and my newly acquired swan goddess aspect to support her with the swan feather/aspect medicine besides my Koshi chimes. The swans engaged with the tones in my chimes. My client saw white feathers in her fields and felt the healings. It was so beautiful beyond description… I broke down weeping poignantly with their exquisite presences. 

We then entered my client’s Akashic Records to access two beautiful timelines simultaneously where I was guided to bring forth her gifts. She had embodied heart based gifts in her lifetimes as Sekmet in Atlantis and then a white goddess in Lemuria. So I supported her to integrate these massive gifts for her to utilize for the rest of THIS incarnation. Then Sekmet’s oversoul presented in my field and entered my vessel. I was so deeply grateful to feel this beautiful being in such an intimate way. I started to bring forth Lioness light language, lion roars and her claw power that were comical but serious. I saw golden rainbow lightning shooting out my fingertips towards my client, performing the necessary upgrades, gifts and clearings in which Sekmet wished to gift her with. My client felt this deeply and actually felt propelled backwards with this massive energy coming from Sekmet’s oversoul through my vessel. It was over and beyond my comprehension. This massive energy left me weakened temporarily as it was so powerful. Sekmet also worked through my selenite wand, celestite and red andara with my voice as the most powerful activating clearing I have experienced thus far.

I did shamanic drumming to support the integrations. Sekmet also imbued gifts for my client’s son into her fields as my client would be reuniting with him soon. Sekmet brought in the power of the great central sun… so magnanimous!  She gifted my client 3 dragon eggs in her heart space which would hatch out into golden/silver egyptian dragons over time. She counseled my client to only think and speak positively and to embody the energy of her divine power, protection and prowess.  I retained Sekmet’s oversoul gifts after our session… WOW!!! So if you hear me roaring in my next video, you will know where this came from.

Sekmet then left my vessel and had me open a special channel for her to work with my client. I opened a stargate and then made the appropriate connections in my client’s brain for this special channel. Sekmet then showed me issues with my client. There was white fluff placed in my clients ears by herself as a protection from early on as a youth when she was bombarded by severe negativity she was hearing. Sekmet then had me clear her chakra column and blockages were found below the earth star and then the chakras above the 12th. She was then reconnected to the crystalling core of gaia and the great central sun.

We then found goblins in her nose doing unspeakable things which were removed. Then a huge entity possession was removed that was taunting my client at night in her sleep. This felt very painful as the connections and anchors were removed from her 3rd eye area and sacred sexual region. Then, this being was lovingly taken home after it was subdued.