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The most NEFARIOUS TRICKSTER I have experienced in my Master Quantum Session work & as an Akashic Record Master! Many do not know how far his deceptions span!

Anubis has been in my face, telling me he is going to take me down… I would just look at him and smile knowing my power.

♣️ I have witnessed his ludicrous shenanigans in my personal sessions with my clients. This is done in their Atlantean timelines but disseminates out into the dimensional layers affecting their current reality.

♣️ I have seen Anubis kill others & eat or spread out their body parts… With myself having to recover them from various places, depending on the client. I have recovered their body parts from the depths of the ocean to the dust from the explosion of the planet Tara.

♣️ I have seen him tattoo/brand my clients bodies (in Atlantis Timelines) with the “Anubis Brand Mark” in various places. These Anubian brand marks contain dark ribbons spanning out multidimensionally which then connect to several dark entities, mainly Dracos.

♣️ I have witnessed Anubis’s tomfoolery in clients’ akashic records and have sealed out their akash so that it can only be accessed by those with the appropriate keys.

♣️ I have removed the Anubian Dark Heart as an overlay placed in my clients body that tethers them to the dark Anubian grids. For more info see HERE

♣️ Anubis creates dark wormholes in your time fields that are beyond disgusting, taking you into unknown atrocities & dark paths…

♣️ He tethers his victims to unspeakable atrocities, mainly associated with tortured fractured children… This induces a salivation and vomiting response in my human as a guide for me, like a trail of breadcrumbs to find, remove and heal/dissolve.

♣️ If you have created any special healing structures in Atlantis… chances are he has hijacked your design & manipulated it for dark purposes, as I have cleared much of this as well.

♣️ He has done anything he can to take down the Twins so they don’t step into mission & come into physical union.

I recently had a cord from Anubis attached to my cervix and it took my energy down so hard and fast that I became sick & weak. Once it was removed, I recovered within about 30 minutes.

♣️ There are supposed light workers/twins promoting using Anubis to help you on your ascension path & calling upon him to support you with your Atlantis history. I vehemently recommend you NEVER call upon ANUBIS to help you with anything! EVER!


I was soooo sick and exhausted from Anubis roguery that I contacted a Beautiful Soul Brother to help me take him home and clear his darkness from off the planet. The following is an account of this experience…

Sacred Clearing Work

April 1st, 2023 April Fools Day:

Ronnie (soul brother) & Myself prepared a sacred container for the dissolving of Anubis and his darkness. We were taken into Ronnie Conners’ Akashic Records where he WAS an aspect of Anubis in the early days of Atlantis. This is how we were able to perform this deep clearing because of Ronnie’s extensive knowledge of the way Anubis operates… plus my vast experience clearing his darkness. We cleared and integrated Ronnies Anubian Aspect 1st and his victims were healed in my embodied mother god heart space.

We brought in “THE GOLDEN ARMY” from source (Ronnie birthed them for the Hell Realms Clearing in 2021) Source Rainbow Dragons and our darkness detective teams including Merlin and the White Wizard Collectives. Anubis got into my face again, very angry shooting red lighting towards me with his eyes. I was in a sealed container which was impenetrable. Ronnie lassoed Anubis with golden crystalline rope essences. His hand on his throat to prevent him speaking dark spells. I felt Anubis forces surrounding us as well, trying to take this mission down.

It was at this point more of the cavalry came in… Several of our Soul Tribe’s higher aspects joined us for this clearing. Also the “White Winged Golden Army” from source was brought in as additional support was necessary due to the vastness of infiltration.

I looked at the time fields or space time continuum, more specifically Atlantis and found millions of wormholes designed to keep his victims and the ascension in looping dark patterns for humanity and beyond. We were prevented from getting lost in the wormholes as the clearing progressed. His dark architecture was dissolved multidimensionally, mainly Anubian grids in Atlantis.

Anubis had created wormholes to suck the divine counterparts into fields of darkness and confusion, keeping them trapped. He reversed the twin flame grids creating a downward spiral throughout the time space continuum instead of a forward progression.

I was shown a golden pyramid Ronnie had created in Atlantis. Ronnie created this structure to assist with the ascension at this time. We had to clear Anubis reversals on this pyramid before we could activate its massive power structures. Once the dark clearing was done on this pyramid…The doors were opened to this structure and out came the “GOLDEN NYMPHS OF ATLANTIS” to support us. These were all creations of Ronnie’s from long ago, all originally designed to support the ascension through Atlantean Counter Measures to subdue/clear darkness. WOW!!!

We were then shown the millions of ANUBIAN CLONED BEINGS that Anubis enlisted as his dark army to subvert the ascension of the twin flame collective. Mother/Father God descended upon the scene with white azure blue crystalline light to heal & subdue the forces. Then I pierced their hearts with the light of mother god. Ronnie gathered all these aspects back and funneled them into my heart space for reclamation.

Anubis’s oversoul showed me a beautiful version of Anubis as a Gentile Dog/human full of divine love… the way he was intended and created to be but was not able to achieve. Anubis’s oversoul came forward to give us a download to support us in removing Anubian darkness. This download was integrated. Then I saw “black type ribbons” (lures) coming out of our bodies that were like fly paper strips, designed to attract and tether all things Anubian. Once that process was complete, our source aspects took these ribbons full of Anubis Dark Creations up to be dissolved into source light at the great central sun.

Then the “Organic Anubis” was taken home to integrate with his oversoul.

We removed as many dark Anubis Tattoo Brands as possible. The Atlantis time space fields were healed from his damage and destruction. Many victims or fractured souls were recovered and healed from this massive clearing. This does not mean that it’s cleared personally for you. There are still literally millions of his dark clones operating on many. Anubis however from this point forward, will not be able to affect the ascension and twin flames in the same old ways.

I am always honored to be of service in this way to humanity and the ascension.

Much Gratitude and Love Always

Cheers Tracey 🥂💐💞

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