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The Dark Truth about Reiki


So my intent is to Educate, not pass judgment or have anyone feel lousy about taking this path.

However…Reiki is the lowest form of healing on the planet. It sources from the astral realms bringing in other unwanted energies into the clients fields. It’s important to set the intention to work with our own divine healer, Your Godself. You are highly gifted… holding Angelic Human DNA. Getting the attunements removed will support you tapping into your Godself healing potential. You have everything within you and don’t need a mediator- A created system doing the work for you. If you are adept enough you can remove the attunements yourself. I have provided other independent sources to support this knowledge. See the video from Ashayana Deane below – watch till the end to understand. Then also see the ARTICLE EXCEPT below from Lisa Renee of I also offer to remove the attunements in session with my clients. I used to utilize Reiki before my spiritual awakening years ago as well. So I am coming from a place of love in sharing this important information with those who are not aware.

From Lisa Renee of

From my friend…Philip Barrow who is a Shaman as well:

“My experience so far. I do tune up and help a few reiki masters. The story I’ve found is at the beginning I believe four people in Japan practiced this form of healing but one sourced the symbols from a mountain after helping a person I believe this was a demi-god who collects some of your energies in like a contract when using these symbols- we are all source beings why give energies to another being when you can use your own powers or even channel higher forms of energies in the higher chakras like platinum ray From 22nd – if this annoys you then you need to release this – if you disagree then that’s fine we are all on a journey to enlightenment but we are at different stages”

Blessings Tracey

Tracey Stevens

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