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12 D Shield Technique for Creating Sacred Space

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This 12D shield will strengthen & grow your light body. It will also support you if you are a healer & utilize many different modalities. It is part of your organic lightbody & connects with your Christos avatar soul template. It ignites the three fold founder flame. The geometry of the six pointed star connects you to the unity consciousness fields. The star of David represents the unity of masculine/feminine. The 12D shield supports activating new sensory body functions and It protects the human aura. It also makes implants easier to remove!

We can learn to boundary test our aura to discordant energies that are uninvited. The shield also helps us to re-imprint our body to physical and energy sustainability and health and this achieved by bringing balance to the body. It also allows communication to be restored with our spiritual forces and star family.

Our auric field can be weakened through the following:

  • Accidents or events that cause physical stress or emotional traumas
  • Extreme grief, depression, guilt, shame or loneliness
  • Negative Emotions or Negative Egoic Behaviors
  • Unresolved Emotional Conflicts or Destructive Relationships
  • Pharmaceutical, drugs, alcohol and addictions
  • Surgery, Hospitalization or cutting into the body
  • Low EMF Fields from Cell Phones, TV, etc
  • Solar Flares or electromagnetic disruptions on the planet

I am providing this shield technique to support you. Shields that have been sent to me by others were infiltrated by the dark. I had to do much clearing of darkness afterwards. Many who are not adept cannot feel the darkness in these lower vibe shield techniques but I can. One I used included a lower cloned dark version of AA Metatron from a very popular lightworker source. 

I recommend using this shield at least 3 times daily. Morning, Afternoon & Night plus a Sleep Command to take back your Sovereignty. Find link to “SLEEP COMMAND” to reclaim your sovereignty HERE. Also for extra clearing I recommend this CORE SOUL PROTECTION Procedure HERE.

Utilizing the Unity Vow along with it will support you as well especially if you are a healer working on others:

Unity Vow

One can create a Hub Handshake with the Unity Intelligence of the Krystal Star with the Unity Vow:

“Defenders of Truth, Sovereignty and Liberation, the Guardian Families Serving the One:

From across the multiverses I call upon my Guardian families to join me now. My unification is demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love – I sound my heart tone to you now. My energy template updated, renewed and forever perpetuated in the Eternally sustained Light. My Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and I endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God. Please sustain me in the Eternal Power of my Consecration. I have asked for Gatekeeping in order to hold my mission, my mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. My intention is Unification – the Cosmic Christ Principle – as an Energetic Reality, here and now. I request the Handshake to fortify my spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into the Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of my genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into my created form. I set my intention now to remember that which I Am fully, completely and totally. I state my mutual purpose as One, please resurrect all inorganic patterns to organic Living Light Now. And to that I say, Thank God I AM the Living Eternal Light. And so it is lovingly decreed.

With regular use, the Unity Vow becomes entrained with the nervous system and, once entrained, simply stating “Unity” will be sufficient to activate the Handshake Hub to Krystal Star.

*** In extreme instances you can ask your pure organic guides and angels to seal & cloak you as well. 


The golden egg will support sealing your astral layers as an added layer of protection. It is very helpful when working with clients as well.  Example: See a golden Egg with the golden ray frequency inside your brain and 3rd eye. Drop the Gold Egg to your tailbone and blow it out of your perineum area. See the Root chakra sealed in a gold lid. Create another Gold Egg in your brain and drop it into your sacral chakra. Blow it front to back and see the chakra cones sealed in a golden lid (both front and back). Create the last Gold Egg in your brain, drop it into your Heart Chakra and blow it out front and back, see the front and back chakras sealed in a golden lid. If you feel vulnerability anywhere else, like your head or neck, repeat the process in that area and blow it out to surround your head and then your whole body while encased in your 12D shield.

Then ask your Avatar God Self to Identify, Locate and Removal all cords, DNA bonds, clones/copies, attachments, fragments to any and all ET contacts, entity contract, monadic families that are inorganic and alien machinery from your mental body, soul body, monad body and all spiritual source light. Then repair all holes, rips, tears and portals to the past, present and future timelines. Last, Return to Rightful Owner all aspects that belong to your soul-spirit. 

Cheers & Loves Tracey Stevens, MASTER QUANTUM ALCHEMIST

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Gratitude and Credit to Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis. She has augmented my awakening journey much