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Pulling Yourself out of Deep Darkness by Utilizing Simple Practices

Many of us on the Awakening Path go through intense periods of darkness, even dark nights of the soul in which we lose our way, feel lost or just cannot pull ourselves out a dense time in our lives. We may experience unexplained illness. I have utilized the practices below to begin turning my life around when I was very sick, unable to function well and was trapped in negative looping thought patterns. I wanted to share these key points that will help you navigate these dark themes in your life. 

Remember that God is Love

Setting the intention to connect with that Love. Knowing that the love of the divine synchronizes and harmonizes… bringing in balance. It will support you in surmounting all obstacles you are faced with in times of extreme adversity. We can always come home to our divinity within. The deep love we can connect with inside ourselves provides comfort and peace, knowing we are made of love and from love. You can focus on loving kindness to add succor to your frustrations, softening the perception of being stuck, confused, hopeless, in pain or ill health. Setting the intention to connect with the immense love of mother/father god within and without. Love will help you attain consciousness freedom as it exists in higher knowledge, truth and with the benevolent forces of light in harmony with all.


Being Compassionate towards yourself in cases of extreme difficulty. Holding yourself in a space of self compassion. It’s crucial to be gentile and practice kindness towards self in extremes where our shadows and programming wants to derail and beat us up. Self compassion can also be nourishing and soothing. Getting out of your head and into your heart can bring relief. If you are unable to do this, just place your hand over your heart to assist to bring your energetic focus here.

Also, Life can feel cruel to many making them hardened, so holding compassionate space for others is key. We all struggle on this awakening path whether awakened or not… so many don’t understand why their world is being turned upside down.

Thoughts are Things

We often can get trapped in negative ego loops we are unaware of, negative thinking and destructive behaviors. There are consequences to the decisions we make. We must think upon and hold these consequences, and potential consequences made to our lives and other lives, especially if we’re not entirely clear if they’re in Divine alignment. Let’s say, the mental body wants something and wants it right now. Or we just can’t stand something; there’s something in our life that’s really bothering us. And we have to understand, is this something, is this in alignment with me? What is my lesson here? How do I change the way I look at and perceive and face this problem? Do I run away from it? Do I work on myself? Are there things that I need to do in this situation? What is this showing me? What lessons are present? What level of mastery do I need in my spiritual initiation? Because this is an initiation.

You may not see it that way, but that’s what it is. If something is stuck and it is in front of you, there is something there that you need to figure out. Why is it there? Now sometimes it’s situational awareness. It can be a timing issue. Most people when they’re attempting to manifest something, it’s coming from the ego mind desires. The ego mind desire isn’t going to work too well in this new structure, because you’ve got to learn to let it go. It’s got to be “it is what it is” in this moment. You set forth your intentions. You look at what’s in the now-moment present for you, and you address what’s in front of you to the best of your known ability. You see it as an initiation and a lesson which you need to master before you can move to the next stage of your spiritual development. Because many times when we have blockages there is something we need to learn, master or understand before we can move on to the next stage, whatever it may be. So that is something to again consider with the spirit of patience, with emotional maturity and with some humility.

When you say you want to achieve your spiritual goals, understand that you will achieve your spiritual goals naturally by always choosing to deflect ego to serve your higher Divine Will. You will always be guided to achieve your spiritual goals when you intend this to be so. When you achieve your spiritual goals, when you’re living your spiritual purpose, when you feel it resonating out of every cell of your body, this brings the utmost fulfillment, contentment, and joy in the moment..

Also, Remembering the “Golden Rule”. If you’re treating others really poorly and you’re suffering, you may not realize that you’re sabotaging yourself through some of your behaviors. Sometimes you will not get the response you need, or you will not understand some of the situations in your life. It’s also reciprocal treating others with respect and kindness. 

Aligning with Divine Will

Trusting that if you are on your spiritual path, in love and harmony that divine will is at work in your life. It is important to know that “divine right order” and “divine right timing” in cosmic order are real things.  These are real principles in maintaining cosmic order. During difficult situations remember that “divine right order” has its own timing; it is not in your timing but in God’s timing. Stating “in divine right order” essentially means you are evoking or calling forth true spiritual law to be made present in all that governs time and space, and through your own personal intent and consent, you are choosing consciously the authority of God’s natural laws to be made manifested within your consciousness and throughout your creations. Again, it is a choice that is being made when you relinquish your personal control through ego will, releasing perceptions of needs and desires, with the consent to defer to the natural laws in “divine right order and divine right timing.” Most often I find that the ways in which the divine orchestrates my life, looks nothing like how I envisioned. Releasing any control over outcomes when you are doing your best will bring ease and comfort to any situation. I used to get angry with the divine wondering why, if I was doing everything I could, nothing was manifesting the way I felt it should. I was not in alignment with Divine Will and Divine Timing. Studying the Medicine Wheel can help illuminate why things occur or don’t. There are natural seasons to our lives.

Law of Vibration  

This is the idea that everything holds a conscious vibration. This is making an effort to shift our mental vibration and thoughts to the highest quality in terms of positivity. Making sure we are in alignment with what we wish in our lives. Gaining awareness of our thought patterns and changing them from negative to positive will support being in divine congruence and unity. Where are you judging, criticizing, harboring ill will, not forgiving or suffering from lack in your life. Honestly answering these questions to the best of your ability. Where you put your focus and energy is what you create. Whom do you surround yourself with? What do you do when you are alone? How do you handle difficult situations?

Through engaging in these principles you can align to the natural laws and begin to be in congruence and harmony with your spiritual path. 

Bringing in crystals to compliment your healing during sleep time is suggested. You can utilize the loving vibrations of Rose Quartz or the tranquility of Sodalite. I sleep with a huge chunk of Sodalite always next to my pillow. You can ask these crystals to imbue their healing upon your body and soul. Placing them in a towel or pillowcase next to your heart can be balancing. Asking your guides, angels and Christos Avatar self for healing or supportive guidance is also always recommended. Ask spirit… Show me what I need to know in order to get where I belong? This or something better – I am on my way… Thankyou!


Gratitude Practices are also crucial if you wish to change your life, re-align and recalibrate to higher light quotient levels. This is a real game changer. This activates the heart-mind connection. Living from your heart by expressing gratitude for all is extremely supportive in changing direction in your life for the positive. I highly recommend a book called “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. In this book she helps illuminate where you’re holding lack consciousness through the 28 days of exercises. This is a very cheap solution to begin turning your life around. It also stimulates a more abundant life. It will realign the abundance and money flow if you suffer from lack consciousness. Even if you think you know what it is to be grateful, this will take you to a deep illuminated level. It’s very simple reading and usually takes about 15- 20 minutes per day on average. I utilized this book during my divorce and it got me through a very dark time by teaching me to turn a negative situation into a more positive, less stressful event.


Sometimes the best thing to do is Surrender to the Now moment of time. Pushing hard to overcome darkness is not for your highest good. Know that you are always supported by the divine no matter what it looks like in your currently reality. Again, come back to your heart with deep knowing you are loved and taken care of…

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