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Commanding Your Sleep

During our sleep states we are at great risk for being manipulated, taken advantage of and implanted. There are dark forces that don’t want us to ascend and step into our Divine Gifts. It’s important to take back your Sovereignty! I highly recommend doing a sleep command for protection every night. Find three supportive commands below… Blessings Tracey


I, _______________________ (your name) , command my sleeping time as sacred and dedicated to my unique soul’s signature. My intent for this sleep time is regeneration of my physical avatar in all its forms, here on this earthly plane and all dimensions beyond. I command that only those of the highest divine light are allowed in and none others. I ask my entourage of light to seal, cloak & protect me now, through my sleep time and always…. by Tracey Stevens

Peaceful Sleep Command by Lisa Renee

I consecrate and dedicate this sleeping space to the authority of God’s Natural Laws and that of the Eternal Living Christ. I bless and sanctify this space in God’s authority and in Christ’s name. God is the authority of my body, consciousness and being and this sacred space now and always. North South East West – Earth- Sky and Heart: I direct the Four Corners to Be Sealed in the Light of Unity and Oneness. I AM Impenetrable and Invincible. I ask the Aurora Forces of Christos to Anchor this Space Sacred in Service to the Law of One of which I Serve. I invite my Consciousness and families and whatever is the highest expression for the purpose of my sleep this night. I consecrate and dedicate my body, my mind, my consciousness, and my entire being to serve the Eternal God Source, Totally and Completely Now and Forever!

Sleep Command by David Starr

I call on mother father prime to come and cleanse and clear my fields and house, to protect my energy now and while I sleep and remove all that is not love from my energy fields. Anything that is breaking universal law, send to the light. And so it is…

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Cheers & Loves Tracey 

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