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Client Session Transcripts Part One

My Name is Tracey Stevens. I am publishing a few client sessions for those who are not familiar with the type of work I do. You can feel into the deep healing that takes place in my sacred session work. I don’t always have the words directly for the type of implant removal due to the fact, there are too many to name. It is not usually necessary. I allow my clients to do their own education and utilize their intuitive abilities if they want more information. My intent also is to demonstrate the deep spiritual work that occurs in my Sacred Sessions.

Love & Blessings

Tracey Stevens

Master Quantum Alchemist ~ Universal Guide

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Client Number One ~ Master Quantum Healing Session

He was heavily programmed from the MK Ultra experiments & had Monarch Programs running.

This included mind slide programming with holographic inserts. He had a Zeta Seal placed upon his multidimensional layers that were inducing false images, memories etc. The Zeta Seal Implants put in a 4D frequency fence & separates the heart sensory abilities by interfering with the nadial complex (back of the high heart). Also, it rips holes into the space time field in the earth body & hijacks the bio neurological systems. The Zeta Seal also has a hive mind control program. Molock binding implants were located. There was some serious infiltration of the Solar Plexus & entities blocking his true power from being embodied. When connecting with this beautiful soul… I could feel his traumas and burst out sobbing. The gravity of what he had been through was deeply impressed upon my emotions. 

With my Entourage of Light in session, we were able to remove these heavy programs & implants running across all dimensions and space. We did some etheric brain remapping & rewiring for a whole new paradigm for him to step into. We were able to evict all the Dracos that had set up shop in his solar plexus & root. Much infiltration of the dark was removed holding him back from discovering his true purpose here. They did not want him stepping into his Godself & bringing in his templates. He also received several dna activations & upgrades through his lineages. We did a “Universal Quantum Detanglement” of soul contracts across all time & dimensions. This essentially dissolves contracts that you made with other souls in different timelines throughout the universe.

Many torture timelines on Saturn were addressed. These I take on with my aspects through my godself to feel, witness, heal from & dissolve… calling back home the soul fragments of my client to heal in my Mother God aspects of the heart. There was actually a timeline where he was the torturer. What is interesting about this is… His karmic load was so huge, my soul did what was called a “Karmic Load Transfer” from HIM TO ME.  I am able to heal these very quickly… this would have taken him quite a while to clear. I don’t ever recall volunteering to take on another’s client’s karma before this! I am so honored. His akash was bathed in the great central sun stream of energy to clear almost all the non organic timeline load the dark had handed him. This actually was keeping him from doing his own akashic work. There were literally tens of thousands of non organic timelines. 

His central column/ascension column was cemented shut so he could not get his codes & upgrades from the great central sun. So we drilled this out & healed it. He is now able to receive his gifts. I sealed out his akashic records so that only those with the proper keys can enter, this also includes the placement of armed guards at the entrance. This was so that his akash would not be tampered with. Part of the healing of his akash included DNA upgrades through the crystalline essences of Obsidian, Opal & Sun Stone. He received very specific totems to support them on their next leveling up. 

Towards the end of his Session, something beautiful occurred. We took him & his beloved down to the tree of life. The tree of life offered her gifts to him. I see this as a drawer popping out of her trunk. Then they were dressed in elegant wedding clothing & showered with the golden platinum leaves. Their union was then sealed here under the tree of life. This is always such a sacred profound moment to witness for my clients. 

After this client’s session, I experienced deep gratitude for my gifts & being able to assist others on such profound healing levels. It is sessions like these that make all the suffering you endured over the years to get where you are at… worth all the effort. Blessings Tracey

Client Number Two ~ Master Quantum Healing Session

Sharing an Incredibly Brilliant Session for a Beloved Sistar! Honoring her Path as Sacred

The Elohim came in 1st to double seal our session. Her & her beloved’s akash were bathed in the Great central sun stream of energy to clear thousands of non organic timelines. This usually happens with those who have difficult higher mission templates. These non organic timelines cause a distraction from our real work by giving us an extra karmic load. The central crystal in her akash was polished for her human to shine more brightly. This looks to me like the central low hanging crystal on a chandelier. Her beloved’s central crystal clock was turned back as it was nefariously adjusted to produce quicker aging.  There was a restoration of missing DNA components in her strands. Removal of dark magic in her right hand, womb, anus & the iliac bones which were acquired mostly from her mothers side in the dark ages through rituals. Mother God came in to open up channels for her to embody, receive her gifts, upgrades & start working more deeply through Mother God essences. The Elohim brought in more energy & light into her fields so I could work more heavily in her multidimensional fields. The pleiadian medics came in to support healing in her right hand from dark magic crystal infiltrations. She received new etheric cochlear implants due to damage that severed the connections so she couldn’t receive some of her guidance. Brought in immense healing for hearing & vestibulocochlear nerve connections. Womb space healing was brought in. Source came in performing brain rewiring done for damaged  & disconnected synapses. Removal of countless etheric implants & blocks.

She received a gifting of rhinoceros totem for charging ahead on her path – no detours, sockeye salmon for navigating the waters of ascension plus coming home to herself & her beloved, white giraffe for surveying her path from higher perspectives through her divine feminine essence, seeing the forest floor. Crocodile medicine for her beloved. Gifted her obsidian, rose quartz & white crystalline essences for her akashic records “Foundation” aiding in grounding, balance, love, femininity & peace arranging an easier ascension path. Her beloved received obsidian, yellow & white crystal essences, this was to support grounding, balance & stepping into his power center with peace. The fairies & unicorns brought in their magic essence raining down into her akashic records. I was shown an elegant White Horse standing on her hind legs demonstrating the ability to be free & let herself run wild. 

Blue Elohim… that are here to support Heirogamic Unions, aided & inspirited her session. We went through her multidimensional fields axiatonally, vertically & horizontally clearing darkness. Then my bloodhounds brought back the severed head of a king who had her tortured near the end of the dark ages. He actually bit into her heart leaving poison from dark magic. We came in as white wizards clearing her fields of this king’s dark programs. We repaired the bite marks on her heart removing the poison. 

Her meridians were activated, aligned & adjusted to bring in more Chi. Great Central Sun Flushes with Cymbaltica Fire were brought in to clear her fields. Her Feet were cemented, preventing her from connecting to her organic grids of the planet, so this was removed. Her heart chakra was connected to Uluru to receive the mothers medicine/milk from Mama Gaia. Her solar plexus was connected to the island chains surrounding Fiji. Ancient shamanic drumming  came through calling back all her available soul fragments for healing in my heart space with the mother god essence I hold there. Her Fae family arrived to bring her gifts & a DNA upgrade. I cried in this session because of the deep love we share as soul sisters. 

  • Cleared her Final Cataclysm Atlantean timeline where fireballs were raining from the sky & she watched her children die. Were able to heal many souls associated with this besides her & family.
  • Cleared a Lemurian Timeline where her home & village were burned & destroyed by the Giant Troll like creatures. They did eat several of the villagers. We cleared the trauma not only for her but the entire village. They were held in the healing space of my heart. I have seen similar timelines with other clients. Yes, there were giants roaming the earth back then!
  • Cleared a Mars timeline where she was a Martian in a military unit. The Reptilians came in with ships & destroyed the army with a red like lazer fire. Healing was brought in for all involved in this war. Source came in with a beautiful healing white light for the entire scene. I usually don’t go into individual timelines anymore unless it’s for education or witnessing on behalf of the client. 
  • Then I was able to clear 10 other Galactic Timelines very quickly as a gift.

We found her sacred crystal had been fractured from dark attacks as they try to destroy the permanent seed atom from flowering there. I then felt the flowering of her crystal heart afterwards. Information was then brought forward regarding an Aortic Aneurysm that might be a problem in the future. Then Suzette revealed to me she had open heart surgery 20 years back from the same issue. ArchAngel Michael brought in some healing of the artery through a softening. 

Her traumatic childhood timelines were released through the Beautiful Sasquatch being that supports my clients. He takes them into a forest, setting it on fire to burn away the trauma that no longer serves. This is a huge gift. He brought in the blessings of his race & amplified her Sasquatch DNA templating. Afterwards this sasquatch joined hers & they were skipping in the forest, dancing amongst the wildflowers with butterflies. They were holding a white rabbit. Guidance was given to pay attention to negative mindspeak because our Words & Thoughts are Things! I needed this affirmation as well.

The Elohim brought in missing downloads, upgrades & gifts. We opened two channels for her to connect with some of her Galactic Families. Her Akash was then placed in a beautiful bubble of light. Her guides also brought in a healing transmission. Connections to her beloved were reset in her Sacral & Root. We finished out with Oracle Card messages brought in by her soul. 

Note: Each Client session is Unique & Tailored to your Direct Needs… Done in Zero Point. 

Client Number Three ~ Master Quantum Healing Session

I had a lesser known Archangel descend into my human vessel to work through me for my clients healing & clearing. This Archangel was connected to my client’s entourage of light. This happens much in client sessions where guides connected to my client will utilize my open clear vessel for my clients highest healing. (One time a client’s husband who had passed merged with me so he could support his living wife to heal through me. It was a beautiful gift for her)  This archangel showed me the entity possessions, implants, architecture, weapons etc in her sacred sexual region that were from her childhood & what she went through. My client was cradled in the Mother’s Heart as this removal took place. Mary Magdalene & the Magdalene collective came in to support her during this removal plus I utilized the fresh rose bouquet I was holding. I saw the rose essences being spun out as beautiful ribbons of energy spiraling out to my client. Source came in to help identify & release her painful childhood memories. Removing any imprints from sexual trauma. I saw a Beautiful Rose blossom in my client’s root chakra. I cried for my client’s pain which I felt deeply. Her Inner child cried saying “I did not give my consent”. The white wizard collective came in to remove any cords/attachments that were siphoning her energy through the sexual misery programming.  My divine counterpart came in as a white owl enveloping my client in his wings. His compassion & love brought me to tears once again. He brought in his owl medicine for support. The perpetrator’s soul came in on his knees saying “I never meant to hurt you, I am so sorry!” He wanted forgiveness/absolution for what he had done. His soul was being healed as well through this interaction & genetic patterning going back in time. 

Mary Magdalene placed large Ruby Colored Crystals in the appropriate areas for healing. My client said she could never speak her truth at all in her family growing up. She was never allowed to talk about any family issues period. The family secrets were not allowed to be out in the open. I removed a reptilian tail & anchor with an entity attached in her rectum. Etheric parasitic worms were found which were zapped & encapsulated so as not to release the toxins. We did a medical scoping with a vacuum attachment. It oozed out a healing blue liquid for her complete digestive system from rectum to mouth plus darkness detection/removal as we went through. This Archangel worked with me to do bacteria/viral removal in stomach lining areas. She was coached to take probiotics. It’s really important to keep our gut biome in a homeostasis environment. Any digestive parasites will attract etheric parasites as well. (colonics, enemas, et) Source came in to do further healing of her digestive system. The archangel went through her nasal structures to remove anything contributing to the putrid smell my client has been having for years. We removed a bubble encapsulating her heart preventing her from receiving heart upgrades. Source also came in with blessings of peace. An aspect of her Higher Soul came in & merged with me as well. Her higher self started talking directly with her through my light language. I felt the light of her soul come out of me… towards my client enveloping her. This was all due to the extreme disconnect she had experienced for years. Her guides also illuminated things for me to look at.  We closed a wormhole. A sun was placed in her solar plexus that burst out its sacred energy. It burned off what no longer served my client plus activated her for illuminating her path, stepping into your power & helping my client to feel happy & light. 

Next I was shown that she had a metallic sleeve at the base of her brain cutting off her nervous system from her brain so they could not communicate properly. We then made new connections from her CNS to her Brain. We were enervating her brain. This severing was cutting off the nadial complex from communicating. I felt her nervous system energy start to circulate again. We removed an Axe embedded in her head. Also removing a dark rock from her nasal passages that was emanating out a gas like substance. Went through her dimensional layers in her nasal passages & found more putrid causing architecture. We found that her olfactory nerve & nerve dendrites were severed & damaged in her brain. So we made new connections. I opened up blocked channels for her that were incredibly stubborn using multiple crystals & rose essences along with lightning energy from source. Poseidon & Zeus came in for support as well as her soul working through my vessel.  When her channels were opened, I saw a rose quartz light coming in to bathe her heart & throat chakra with her own souls healing essences. Another one opened pouring yellow, then a red channel, purple channel, blue channel & crown. It was her godselfs essences that were blocked from the chakras.  My white dragons came in to further clean up the channel connections to her higher aspects. Her soul worked through me… so it could get to her initially. Then her soul left my vessel to start working with her directly through these newly opened channels. 

Kryon came in and merged with me to support her. He worked through my vessel to support her healing, removing darkness in her solar plexus & fields utilizing white light & the plasma fields. Demonics came in that were pissed I was helping my client. I loved on them so they softened & we were able to transit them home. I had to seal her solar plex with armed guards there so it could not be messed with. My client had suffered from much demonic manipulation. Then an aspect of her soul wanted me to pull it into her vessel anchoring it in at her feetl & gaia. This felt like a soul walk-in to me. I supported this soul aspect to acclimate & make connections within my client. The energy shifts from this was very overwhelming in a positive sense. Source came in with blessings for this new soul walk in. She showed me her brilliant soul essence that I brought in and I was overcome with deep emotions beyond all words. She was gifted a pink crown for her head with jewels which emanated out this beautiful light. A scepter was gifted to her and she was standing in her true divine feminine essence & the rose quartz type stone emanated out this amazing pink light as a beacon. The Elohim brought in blessings & her teams were clapping & cheering for this sacred rite of passage.

Blessings & Love Tracey