The most NEFARIOUS TRICKSTER I have experienced in my Master Quantum Session work & as an Akashic Record Master! Many do not know how far his deceptions span!

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The Dark Truth about Reiki

Reiki is the lowest form of healing on the planet. It sources from the astral realms bringing in other unwanted energies into the clients fields. It’s important to set the intention to work with our own Divine Healer, Your Godself. I remove the Reiki Attunements in my Master Quantum Alchemy Sessions

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Pulling Yourself out of Deep Darkness by Utilizing Simple Practices

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Many of us on the Awakening Path go through intense periods of darkness, even dark nights of the soul in which we lose our way, feel lost or just cannot pull ourselves out a dense time in our lives. We may experience unexplained illness. I have utilized the practices below to begin turning my life around when I was very sick, unable to function well and was trapped in negative looping thought patterns. I wanted to share these key points that will help you navigate these dark themes in your life. 

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