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Heart Declaration for you…

This is to Support your Spiritual Journey from My Heart to Yours Beloved! For both Sexes

Say Out Loud:

I Release the pain of my past now! I release it to the Great Mother for healing me on all dimensional layers for this next leveling up. I stand in my True Divinity. I honor all who have gone before me now, sending them my Blessings & Love. I stand before God naked with my Brilliant Crystalline Heart exposed for all to see the True Divinity within & I proudly wear my Holy Wedded garments, that I have earned with Humility and Sacredness in this now moment. I Shine forth like the Brightest Star. I Embody my Divinity here & now. I Love fiercely and deeply all those whose station is different from mine. I honor their paths as Sacred & Holy. I honor the Divine Mother God & Father God within me bringing them forth to Shine in Love. They are my Beacon, my Lighthouse. It is finished….

By Tracey Stevens, Celestial Shaman

Tracey Stevens

I am a Master Quantum Alchemist, Embodied Mother Arc Essence & Watercolor Artist dedicated to Spiritually Supporting Souls through the Ascension. Expand your gifts today with my Quantum Alchemy Session. Cheers & Loves Tracey

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