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The Return of the Christ, A Simplified Explanation…

So, in the interim of the time fields was placed a cross. This cross cut off our Divine Selves from our God Connection through Source. This was placed there by those who didn’t want us to wake up to our own Divinity. The cross has long been held as a symbol of religious freedom when in fact just the opposite is true. It has been deflecting energy out away from it’s points so they cannot merge in the time congruity of all consciousness. These crosses were a symbol of cutting off that which was important from us. We also embodied the etheric crucifix/cross from birth.

So this “Etheric Cross” did more damage than actual good as it cut us off from embodying more of our Higher Godself & bringing in our own Divine Wisdom. It cut off our Lower Chakras from our Upper Chakras. It cut off our Divine Feminine (left) within… from our Divine Masculine within (right) so they could not merge & work together seamlessly in our lives to achieve balance. This crucifix we received, can be removed through a Kundalini Awakening or a Conscious Awareness of the All That Is.

Many can attest that they spiritually wake up after this etheric crucifix implant is dissolved because they are then able to complete the massive etheric energetic circuits that lie dormant in the physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric, mental & light bodies. This is what happened to me. It felt like a miracle had just occurred in my life. It was akin to me being an old unused transformer station who suddenly had the power turned on. My Meat Muppet turned on inside & I felt the birth of my own divinity within. What a wild ride it has been.

We were handed a false history surrounding the death of Christ. He was not our savior, nor could he be. He was sent here to bring in the Crystalline Consciousness. This was the transfer & upgrade from our carbon DNA mindset to a Crystalline or Crystal body. If we don’t have a Crystal body, we cannot ascend to higher levels. The higher levels are congruent with our soul’s purpose and path. If we cannot sense our purpose & path, we are lost without ever discovering who we truly are! Also, this in turn is a heart based conscious transformation from the egoic mind state. The term Christos extends way beyond all meaning associated with planetary consciousness and actually describes the state of eternal Cosmic Consciousness, the title given to a free Cosmic Citizen.

Christ or Yeshua does not want us following him as a savior for humanity. He came here to embody the Crystalline Consciousness. Thus we are left with “The Christ” being the Crystalline states that are brought in as we take on more light & grow more crystals in our physical body to be able to expand in conscious awareness… of all the energy that we are surrounded by! This is the Return of the Christ/Crystalline body. Many can see the miniature crystals popping out of their skin in the sunlight. They feel their Heart Based Divinity within. The Divine Love they have been missing all their lives.

The embodied states as we rise through the Stairway to Heaven (it’s not just song lyrics for your amusement ;)) are up leveling our DNA & the Holy Sacred Temples we access in the plane fields of expanded awareness. We are becoming more like the Christ everyday we live & breathe on this planet. We ARE the Return of the Christ within or the Crystalline/Crystal consciousness. There is a play on words here which has not been in most of humanities conscious awareness.  

We are not meant to worship a human man who lived 2000 years ago. He was a placeholder & guide for humanity to follow in his Light & Pathway. He does not care for the false title given to him. He is so much more than this! His Spirit lives on in the Ethers like other Ascended Masters, carrying us on Wings of Love as we ascend. He did not die on a cross as history has shown. We were handed a false narrative in this aspect. Yes indeed, he is coming to people & supporting them in any way he can. He always will. It’s part of his soul contract throughout the ascension on this plane. We take with us… his gifts always. But he is not the savior as there is too much Karmic Debt to dissolve from our lifetimes of incarnating upon this planet. Not to mention the quantum entanglement from multidimensional manipulations and fragmentation not know to many. This could never be handled by just one soul. We do our own Karmic Debt Clearing and with help… Soul and Akash Healing. He assists those who believe upon him & ask or need his help. 

So this “Savior Concept” was designed to take our Personal Power away from us with trickery. It is up to us as a collective to embody the attributes of our Divine Love here on the planet so that everyone eventually returns to a heart based consciousness of their own free will and accord. One Heart and One Mind. The Lion and the Lamb shall lay down together. The Heart and the Mind become one. Yeshua wants us to rise to the heights he has shown us through his human existence here. We ARE our own Saviors…  

The Christos Sophia is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine within & it’s inherent possibilities here on the earthly plane of consciousness. These also are embodied Masters through their Hierogamic Union to each other. Their template supports us as we rise in conscious awareness of our own Divinity & Love. We are embodying their love for each other through our sacred unions… first within ourselves & then in a Hierogamic Union with our Beloved Counterpart, if this is the path your soul chose. I have experienced myself as an aspect of Mary Magdalene and met Yeshua down at the Tree of Life. We have had sacred meetings there and merged, creating gifts to support humanity through the ascension. It has been exquisitely beautiful to have these experiences as they are very profound and humbling. Each soul pathway is unique depending upon your Highest Oversoul Contracts.  It is also a difficult journey to undertake, as many are aware of, whom are currently undergoing this immense process of change & shifts at this time… 

Much Love,

Tracey Stevens of Chandelier Alchemy

Tracey Stevens

I am a Master Quantum Alchemist, Embodied Mother Arc Essence & Watercolor Artist dedicated to Spiritually Supporting Souls through the Ascension. Expand your gifts today with my Quantum Alchemy Session. Cheers & Loves Tracey

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