Chandelier Alchemy Quantum Services

Like the Chandelier, We are all Individual Bright Divine Crystalline Lights connected to Source & One Another… Let Me Polish your Sparkled Crystalline Essence so you Shine Brighter

~  Master Quantum Alchemy Sessions

~  Mini Soul Readings/Healings

~ Akashic Records Analysis and Starseed Data  Sheet 

Your Personal Akashic Records Analysis & StarSeed Information


Demystifying the Akashic Records…
From an Energetic Standpoint they represent the sacred wisdom and knowledge your soul has acquired...
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Client Quantum Session Transcripts Part Two
My intent as a Master Quantum Alchemist is to demonstrate the deep spiritual work that occurs...
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Tracey is a Watercolor Artist & Jewelry Maker. Her Store features her Creations imbued with the Divine Mother God Essence…

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Main Sub Aspects include: Akashic Records Master, Master Galactic Shaman, Master White Wizard, Ascension Pathcutter, Sophianic Healer, Universal Guide, Dragon Tribe Master, Divine Union Coordinator, Mother ~ Father Arc Embodied

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