Like the Chandelier,We are all Individual Bright Divine Crystalline Lights connected to Divine God Source & One Another… Let Me Polish your Sparkled Crystalline Christed Essence so you Shine Brighter

Tracey Stevens
~ Master Quantum Alchemist ~

Welcome Beautiful Soul… 

My name is Tracey Stevens. I am honored to support your healing and ascension journey. As a Master Quantum Alchemist, I have embodied many Oversoul Spiritual Gifts and bring my wisdom and knowledge into my Quantum Work.  My embodiments include: Akashic Records Master, Master Galactic Shaman, Master Christed White Wizard Magi (aka “Darkness Detective”), Ascension Path Cutter and Sophianic ~ Mother God (ARC) Healer. I primarily work in Harmonic Universe 4 (10 Dimension~12 Dimension) but utilize my 14 Dimensional Oversoul Gifts. 

As a Master Key Holder, I have access to retrieve your oversoul gifts from the multiverse and can expand you into higher spiritual levels.  I specialize in darkness removal on multidimensional levels (worst cases). I have much experience supporting Twin Flames (I am one) and those on a path to a Hierogamic Union. See my ABOUT page.  I also am grateful to have an Entourage of the Highest Ascension Light Teams and Celestial Councils which are my Flagship and Support in all I do. 

All my services are very gentle and you are lovingly held and nurtured by the Divine.  I live my life in accordance with the Law of One practices. As an Elder Original Soul, spirit has gifted me many rich experiences and gnosis.

A Smidgen of my Spiritual Offerings:

  • Akashic Records Clearing & Healing
  • Supporting you to Achieve Full Spiritual Embodiment Levels
  • Healing Multi ~ Dimensional Traumas plus this Lifetime
  • Find, Clear and Remove Multi Dimensional Darkness, Entities, Architecture and Implants from even the most hidden levels
  • Activate your Keys as a Galactic Shaman and White Wizard so you can start doing your own Akashic Records Galactic Healing eventually moving towards Soul Monadic and Planetary Healing with these gifts. 
  • Ascension, Twin Flame, Starseed and Akashic Records Support
  • Genetic Lineage Healing
  • PTSD Clearing and Healing
  • Removal of Red Cube Tech/Software, Zeta Seals, Holographic Inserts, Anubian Black Heart, Moloch Bindings, Moon Chain Tethers, Draco Codes, Victim/Victimizer Programming, Time Field Corrections of all types, Frequency Fences, Sexual Misery Programming, Crucifixion Implants, Death Seals, Grey Alien Tech, Metatronic Reversals, Imposters, Looking Glass Tech, MiLab entanglements, Loosh Harvesting Devices plus more!
Find more in-depth services descriptions HERE

In past client sessions, I have removed difficult soul possessions, processed/healed traumas of worlds and galaxies, brought forward loved ones who have passed (working through me for the living), haunted home/building clearings, genetic line clearings, removal of dark contracts, personal coaching, soul mission guidance and activations, DNA Upgrades, bringing in Star Families, clearing dark cords/architecture surrounding twin flames, assigning new totems, clearing dark magic plus oracle card guidance/messages.

Read my Quantum Session Transcripts HERE


I have participated in many Behind the Scenes Projects with other embodied Starseeds to clear serious dark infiltration on this planet and beyond. Dissolving the Hell Realms – recovering and healing all trapped souls there (with 17 other Original Soul Lightworkers), healing the Moon Chain Children (5 lightworkers), Electric Wars ~ All Souls Healing and the Denver Airport Cabal Clearing. I have put about 15K miles on my car performing crystalline gridwork and healing for Gaia. My higher Godself is also a spiritual angelic guide for many souls through the ascension and they will see me working etherically or in their dreams. I had an amazing Quantum Healing Radio Show on News for the Soul. I also have hosted and participated in many healing webinars. NOTE: I was guided off all social media channels, HENCE all my work is contained on this website. Read more About Me HERE.

Feel free to explore the tapestry of this website I created in 2019 with Love for You, Dear Starseed…

Cheers & Loves Tracey

Quantum Healing Services:

~ Master Quantum Alchemy Sessions

~ Mini Soul Readings/Healings

~ Akashic Records Analysis & Starseed Data

Your Personal Akashic Records Analysis & StarSeed Information

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Watercolor Art & Jewelry

Tracey is a Watercolor Artist & Jewelry Maker. Her Store features her Creations imbued with the Divine Mother God Essence…

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